Overwatch is a multiplayer Hero-Shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The game is available on multiple previous generation consoles and Windows OS.

Although Blizzard is already working on Overwatch 2, the original game continues to receive support. Recently, Overwatch received its March patch with some adjustments.

However, it seems that the update also brought audio issues that are especially affecting Overwatch players on Xbox (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Overwatch buzzing/crackling audio or sound cuts off after latest patch

According to reports, many Overwatch players are experiencing an issue where the sound cuts off after the most recent update patch. Affected players have to exit the game to temporarily fix the bug.


In other cases, Overwatch players face muffled audio or a crackling sound during matches.

Weird audio glitch?

I’m having this weird glitch where whenever I enter a game, my audio muffles itself and the music disappears, but it doesn’t happen on the main screen. It also only happens on my headset, not my speakers, but other games haven’t had this problem.

Hey there

Im trying to figure out a sound issue with Overwatch on the Xbox and I cant find any better solutions online. During a game my audio started crackling and afterwards I was unable to hear game chat, but everything else (Xbox menu sounds, Voice chat, etc.) worked fine. The issue appears to only happen on OW as other games do not have the same issue even after I lose game audio in OW and swap to a different game.

Xbox seems to be the most affected platform

The vast majority of reports come from Overwatch players on Xbox, although there are also some reports from PC players.


I’m on xbox and something similar has happened to me as well. Mid game my headset will start crackling and then all audio is cut off. My Music, Friends voice, and Xbox Menu will continue to play through my headset just not the game. I have to restart for it to fix

I play on Xbox and recently all sound for Overwatch with cut out completely. If I go to the Xbox menu, I have sound there but OW sound will stutter and go silent again once I go back into the game.

Asked anyone know why this is happening and what I can do to fix it? So far the only fix has been to quit the game and restart.

There is still no official acknowledgment on the issues from Blizzard. We will keep our eyes open for new related events to update this story.

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