[Updated] FIFA 22 players demand compensation for Mid/Prime Icon Player Pick bug where pack included Icon Moments items

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Original story (published on March 14, 2022) follows:

EA FIFA 22, is the latest installment in the saga of football simulators from EA (Electronic Arts).

SBC (Squad Building Challenges) is a traditional EA FIFA game mode. In it, you must complete a set of challenges to get rewards such as player cards, special items, etc.

However, recently many FIFA 22 players were affected by an issue that impacted SBC mode rewards.

More specifically, FIFA 22 SBC mode compensation was bugged as many players incorrectly received PIM cards (Prime Icon Moments) instead of standard Mid/Prime picks (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9).

Many FIFA 22 players received Icon Moments cards in SBC mode due to a bug

Prime Icon Moments (PIM cards) are players with improved stats compared to the standard version of their Mid/Prime card. As the name suggests, they are cards inspired by the best moments of some players.

However, FIFA 22 SBC mode should give Mid/Prime picks (not Icon Moments) as standard price. But, many players received one (or more) PIM/Icon Moments cards due to a bug.


Affected players ask for compensation for the bug

The situation bothered many players who are now demanding compensation. They consider it unfair that others have benefited so much from the bug.

People who got Mid/Prime from your picks yesterday instead of moments are you guys expecting a compensation?

I was lucky enough to pack PIM Roberto Carlos but I’ve been seeing a lot of people who got Mid/Prime in their picks asking for a compensation. Not being a dick or anything just curios why the compensation, you got what you paid for no? Or am I pissing the point?

And the fact the ones that got PIMS will get a compensation is absurd.

People expecting a new Mid/Prime pick as compensation…

Am I the only one totally imagining that EA will just give you the Prime version of the Icon Moments you picked?

I mean, the Pelé situation was different as it wasn’t a pick, but they didn’t gave people a new pack, they just gave a base Pelé to those that packed the mid version.

The problem is not only that some players received PIM cards in the SBC mode, but that even the benefited players could also receive another PIM card as compensation for the bug, according to reports.

EA is already aware, fix already applied

The EA team is aware of the bug and applied a fix to prevent some players from continuing to receive PIM cards. The company will be contacting the affected players to evaluate their cases.

We are aware that the Mid/Prime Icon Player Pick included Icon Moments Items.

This issue was addressed earlier today, and we will be following up with impacted players in game in the coming days.

We will update this story when new events related to the matter arise.

Update 1 (March 15)

10:12 am (IST): FIFA support on Twitter has confirmed that they are currently identifying the impacted players.

Moreover, after the investigation is complete, these players will receive the correct Mid/Prime Icon Player Pick in the game.

Update 2 (March 16)

03:42 pm (IST): FIFA support has informed on Twitter that the affected players will get a message on entering the FUT store that a new Player Pick is available.

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