[Updated] Elden Ring Rennala Queen of the Full Moon undefeatable in co-op mode issue comes to light, but there're some workarounds

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Throughout your Elden Ring adventure (the most recent FromSoftware game) you will face a wide variety of enemies and bosses of all kinds that will put your skills to the test.

One of the many Elden Ring bosses to defeat is Rennella Queen of the Full Moon, who will also be accompanied by a multitude of children or students that you will have to defeat as well.

Like other Elden Ring bosses, Rennella has a special gameplay mechanic to defeat her. However, many players are facing issues as the mechanic is not working properly when playing in co-op mode.

Elden Ring Rennala Queen of the Full Moon undefeatable in co-op mode

Elden Ring Rennala Queen of the Full Moon’s weak point is a child or student who will be holding a barrier during battle (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8).

But, currently Rennala is undefeatable for many players due to a bug where the student with the barrier never appears. So, the player gets stuck in an endless loop of killing the boss’s students.


Rennala Queen of the Full Moon [BUG]

Hello Players and Support Team, is it common that rennala doesnt have a Shield sometimes and u end up in a endless bossfight ? it seems random and its buggy as hell, pls fix it , :3 trying to play with a friend and he gets the bug like 8 out of 10 fights 🙂 thank you , if anyone have a solution or same issue pls repost o/ ty ty cya.

When I fight Rennala Queen of the full moon, the student that is holding a barrier never appears. So I’m essentially just running around killing kids like Anakin Skywalker forever until at some point Rennala suddenly one shots me. It’s happened twice so far last night. I was going to try again but I wanted to know if anyone else had that happen?

Most reports agree that the issue can occur when trying to face the boss in co-op mode.


Also, some players describe their particular experience with the issue to help shed more light on it.

In my specific circumstance, this occurred if you (the host) died, but Rennala (phase 2) also dies shortly after. You get teleported back to the boss room on respawn, but you aren’t treated as having finished the fight. The AI shuts down if this happens, and the fight cant progress in this state. Reloading the game throws you back to the main academy gate waypoint.

Some potential workarounds

That said, there are some potential workarounds (1, 2) that could help mitigate or resolve the bug. First, taking into account that it can happen in co-op mode, the most obvious workaround is facing the boss in single-player.

Another possible workaround that has worked for some is to wait for other players’ summons to start, but enter the boss battle before the summons fully charge. This should allow you to take on the boss alongside others without issue.


However, there is a chance that the summons will fail if you do the above, causing you to enter the battle alone. In that case, you must quit to menu just before summoning, reload, summon and start the battle immediately.

Finally, you can also try to restart the game when the bug appears, although this is not guaranteed to solve it in all cases.


There is no official acknowledgment from the developers about this issue yet. We’ll update this story if new related events arise in the future.

Update 1 (March 16)

05:33 pm (IST): One of the Elden Ring players on Reddit has suggested some useful tips to defeat Rennala. You can check them below.


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