[Updated] Pokémon Go Adventure sync not working or inaccurate distance tracking issue on iOS devices gets officially acknowledged

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Original story (published on May 11, 2021) follows:

A 2016 augmented reality game, Pokémon Go, became a sensation in the days. Game developer and publisher, Niantic in association with Nintendo and The Pokémon Company, made it available for Android and iOS devices.

Designed in a way where players are supposed to step out in search of the Pokémons, the game saw a surge in popularity across the globe.


Being such a complex creation, the game requires consistent efforts to keep it running. Initially, it was full of glitches but game devs gradually got rid of them.

There’s no denying that the game still enjoys great participation even in 2021 and users still be hunting Pokémons every day.

The chunk that plays it on iOS has been facing an issue lately where the game no longer works in sync for them.

An optional mode called the Adventure Sync lets players record the traveled distance even when the game isn’t opened.

As per the emerging reports, this feature has broken for some iOS users with inaccurate distance results.

Since 2 weeks ago, I get this error: “fitness metrics are not currently available”.

This leads to me not getting the weekly rewards.

Before contacting the support, I tried all kind of things (Source)

Pokémon go. 3 am this morning I had 23k walking towards the week and started some new eggs. They now show 4.5k on them. But I only received 23.3k on the weekly reward, and .3k start on this week. So where’s my other 3.9k?! (Source)

There are also instances where the Adventure sync won’t even turn on in the first place even after attempting all the troubleshooting measures.

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If this persists, Pokémon Go players will miss out on a lot of eggs that could have been hatched had the distance been recorded accurately.

Other than this the game is also posing issues where the interface freezes at various instances. The best solution to these cases is to follow the steps as suggested by the support.

try refreshing game data from the advanced settings (make sure to toggle Adventure Sync back on) and check if that helps

As for the incorrect data capturing in the Adventure Sync mode, the support assures that the team is already aware and the issue is being investigated

Sorry to hear about this, Trainer. Our team is currently investigating Adventure Sync issues affecting iOS devices. (Source)

Here’s what the official bug description says about the ongoing issue.


It’s good to notice that the teams are already aware, this would further cut the waiting time for the fix.

We will keep tracking this issue and keep this post updated with every new development that takes place so stay tuned.

Update 1 (March 01)

05:09 pm (IST): Niantic Support has confirmed that they have mitigated this issue. Moreover, they said that re-installing and re-enabling all the permissions on the device may further resolve it.


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