Destiny is a series of FPS games developed by Bungie (the original creators of Halo) set in a huge technological fantasy world. Destiny 2 is the most recent installment in the franchise.

As in the original game, the world of Destiny 2 uses a semi-MMO approach where you can meet and interact with thousands of players online.

Through the Destiny 2 map you will find multiple missions, raids, collectibles and bosses to overcome. Currently the game is free-to-play and is available on multiple platforms.

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In addition, Destiny 2 receives new content constantly. For instance, the game received ‘The Witch Queen’ expansion update a few days ago. Bungie also tends to adjust the weapons stats to balance the game.

However, it seems that a recent balance patch added an unintentional damage buff to the Ikelos legendary SMG.

Destiny 2 Ikelos SMG damage buff unintentional

Ikelos is a Legendary rank SMG that Destiny 2 players can obtain through some events or raids. The weapon offers a very attractive set of stats even in its base version.

However, some Destiny 2 players noted that the Ikelos SMG got a ‘silent buff’ as it started dealing much more damage than normal (around 40% more damage).

Ikelos smg received the 40% damage buff meant only for exotic primaries.

This probably makes Ikelos the best legendary primary in the game now. Almost certainly a bug soon to be patched so take advantage of it now.

Haha, that’s awesome. Witherhoard + Ikelos is my standard “sweaty PvE” loadout so I’d whip it out whenever things got hairy in the legendary campaign. It sure made things a lot easier, although I was just chalking it up to my Ikelos with Surrounded just being that good. It was absolutely shredding everything.

But the problem is that the buff was not intentional. Apparently the buff was only intended for exotic primaries weapons and the Ikelos SMG received it by mistake.

Another quick thing that needs a fix pre worlds first race – ikelos SMG looks like it somehow received the 40% damage buff vs red bar enemies that exotic primaries received

You can see the effect of the buff to the Destiny 2 Ikelos SMG in the video below:

Bungie team is aware

Bungie team is already aware of the situation. Joe Blackburn (Destiny 2 Director) confirmed it via Twitter, but did not offer any details on an ETA for a fix.


We will update this story if new events arise on the subject.

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