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Developed by Bungie (the original creators of Halo saga), Destiny 2 is a multiplayer FPS with MMO touches that you can play for free on many consoles and platforms

However, Destiny 2 players are currently facing issues that directly affect their inventory capacity and weapon materials crafting system.

More specifically, purchased Repeatable War Table Bounties are taking up additional inventory space for some Destiny 2 players due to extra invisible bounties (1, 2, 3, 4).

Also, some players were taking advantage of an exploit in Throne World Engrams to rank up faster than normal, so Bungie decided that some materials will no longer drop after the player reaches rank 30.

Destiny 2 War Table invisible bounties occupying extra inventory

Destiny 2 players can purchase Repeatable War Table Bounties that take up a certain amount of inventory space.

However, a glitch causes invisible extra bounties to ‘steal’ inventory space from some players who purchase the Repeatable War Table Bounties.

Being invisible, extra bounties cannot be removed. So, players cannot recover lost space in their inventory.

I can’t purchase bounties from anywhere. The game says I’m out of space, even though I have plenty of room in my bounties / quests inventory.

I was rerolling bounties at the war table to get ones I could do all at once when all of the sudden it says it’s full. My guess is there is some sort or bug that deleted bounties are still taking up inventory space somehow.


You can see the glitch effect more clearly in the following video:

Bungie team is aware of this issue

The Bungie team is already aware of this glitch and is investigating. Until a fix arrives, players should avoid buying Repeatable War Table Bounties to avoid losing inventory space permanently.

We’re investigating an issue where purchases of Repeatable War Table Bounties adds extra invisible bounties that can’t be removed, permanently taking up space.

At this time, players should not purchase these bounties to ensure they do not lose Quest space. Stay tuned for updates.

Destiny 2 weapon materials crafting glitch

Destiny 2 materials crafting system is also presenting some issues. For instance, some players are receiving more crafting materials than intended from Throne World Engrams.

Some players were taking advantage of the exploit to rank up in a much shorter time than normal.

Stupid Efficient Fynch Reputation Farm, also Good for Red Legendaries. Rank 15 to 30 in an hour and a half.

My clan and I discovered a chest route which you can run once you hit rank 15 with Fynch and get deepsight 3. Doing this turns the remaining grind into about an hour and a half as opposed to 6-7 hours. It’s also great for crafting materials and getting throne world weapons and armor.

There is no limit nor cool-down on this route.

The procedure used by some to take advantage of the bug can be seen in the following video:

In addition to the above, there is an issue that prevents players from receiving material drops from Throne World Engrams when they reach rank 30.


Bungie acknowledged these issues too

Bungie is also aware of issues with Weapon Crafting materials system. In fact, the issue of players not receiving material drops after rank 30 is a Bungie decision that seeks to prevent the glitch from being exploited.

Due to an issue where players can receive more Weapon Crafting materials than intended from Throne World Engrams, the materials will no longer drop from those Engrams after reaching Rank 30.

There is no estimated arrival date for a fix yet. We will update this story as related events unfold.

Update 1 (February 26)

09:38 am (IST): Bungie help on Twitter has confirmed that the issue with invisible bounties has been resolved and players will easily be able to purchase War Table’s Repeatable Bounties.

UPDATE: This issue has been resolved. Players should no longer have invisible bounties in their inventory, and the War Table’s Repeatable Bounties can now safely be purchased. (Source)

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