Google Pixel 6 official case discoloration issue comes to light, company allegedly refunds some

The Pixel 6 is one of the best smartphones to come out last year. The latest by Google improves on its predecessors both in terms of design and hardware.

Powered by the Tensor chipset, users have had a love-hate relationship with the phone. Having said that, a few months ago, Pixel 6 users said that their phone screen was randomly getting cracked.


And now, Pixel 6 owners are saying (1,2,3,4,5) that the official case that comes with the phone undergoes discoloration even if they use it lightly.

Users say their case started losing its color in a couple of weeks due to natural oils and that it is impossible to clean or restore it. This is really disappointing since many seem to like the case that Google offers with the Pixel 6.

As it turns out, some Pixel 5a owners are also complaining about the discoloration issue. Allegedly, some people have complained to Google about the issue who then refunded them with the amount.

You can see in the image below how the Google Pixel 6 official case undergoes discoloration.

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I had the Pixel 6 Light Rain case, which discoloured so I stopped using it. I called Google (here in the UK) and told them about the discolouration and even though it was outside the return period they refunded my £25. If you also have discoloured Google cases, give them a call. No guarantees, but it’s worth a try.

My Google Pixel 6 case is looking terrible after a month
I’m not impressed. It looks dirty around the edges but I wipe it clean regularly and it doesn’t come off. It doesn’t see much sun either but it has that same brownish hue that cheap clear cases get when they bake in the sun for a while. Anybody else notice this?
Edit: turns out I haven’t had a clear case for a while and I’m a doe-doe for expecting this not to happen.

Some users have a theory that explains why the Pixel 6 official case undergoes discoloration so rapidly.

This makes sense to me. These cases are made in part out of recycled plastic, which makes it more eco friendly but sometimes at the cost of subjective appearance. Recycled plastic is just not the same as virgin materials. Also, specific additives need to be added to avoid discoloration, especially due to uv light (think car headlights plastic). This would cause a product to get increasingly expensive and/or hazardous. Personally, i don’t get the expectation for things to be absolutely perfect as they wear

We hope Google makes use of better recycled materials that do not lose color next time. Rest assured, we will be keeping an eye out on the matter and update this space as and when required so stay tuned.

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