Switching from Pixel 6 to Galaxy S22? Forget about Call Screen, Hold for Me, Now Playing, Real Tone, Motion Mode & more

The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro lineup of flagship smartphones arrived last year as one of the biggest renovations seen in the Pixel series, both in hardware and design.

However, the user experience has not been the best possible. While there are many happy users with their Pixel 6 devices, there are many others who have been facing a lot of issues for months.

This is in stark contrast to one of the main reasons users go for a Pixel phone: looking for the most stable software experience on Android.

So, many are considering making the leap to another brand, Samsung being one of the favorites. After all, the Samsung software experience has improved a lot in the last few years.

Many Google Pixel 6 users considering switching to the Samsung Galaxy S22

It is noteworthy that, currently, flagship Samsung phones enjoy a longer software support time than Pixel phones (4 major Android updates for Samsung vs. 3 major updates for Pixels).

Anyone switch from Pixel 6? What is your experience?

Hi, I have a Pixel 6 and have been using Pixels for the last couple of years, but have had a few problems with the Pixel 6, which I’m starting to get tired of. Therefore I’m considering a S22 or S22+.

Goodbye Pixel 6, hello S22

I traded in my note 20U for a pixel 6. It’s the worst decision I ever made. Connectivity, fingerprint reader, auto brightness and DAC are a nightmare on the 6. Good riddance Pixel.

I will miss call screening and that’s it.

Anyone switching from Pixel 6 pro?

I’ve got a pixel 6 pro now and I’m seriously thinking about switching to the s22 Plus when it comes out. Just haven’t been too happy with the latest Pixel. Too many little issues here and there. Mainly the signal on this phone for me.

Also, on paper, the new Samsung Galaxy S22 series is one of the strongest offerings in the industry. So it’s not uncommon for Pixel phone users to be tempted to switch (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

However, for those considering doing so, there are a few things to know. More specifically, there are certain Google Pixel exclusive features that are not present in One UI.

So, let’s take a look at what you’d lose by switching from your Google Pixel 6 to a Galaxy S22 to help you decide.

Call Screen

Call Screen is a useful feature that allows you to know who is calling and the reason for the call before answering it. In addition to Pixel phones, some Motorola models are compatible with it.

Hold for Me

One of the most frustrating moments is when you have to call a company and they make you wait for long periods for an agent to be available. To resolve this, some Pixels offer the Hold for Me feature.

As its name suggests, ‘Hold for Me’ allows the Google Assistant to stay on the call for you. Then, it will notify you when an agent is already available to talk.

Direct my call

Direct my call is another feature that mitigates the inconvenience of calling customer service. In this case, it interprets the options of a ‘phone tree’ (the menus where you have to choose an option by touching a number).

Basically, the feature displays the options to the user in a more convenient way.

Now playing

Now Playing option works persistently to listen to ambient sounds. In this way, if a song is playing, Now playing will show you both the name of the song and the artist automatically.

Real Tone

Real Tone has been touted as one of the most notable features in the Google Pixel 6 series cameras. Its goal is to help represent all skin types and colors as closely as possible.

Face Unblur

This feature is especially useful when capturing people in motion as it ‘fixes’ photos where the subject’s face appears blurred, in order to obtain a photo as clear as possible.

Motion Mode

Motion Mode captures a small motion recording so that you can choose the sharpest frame of the image. It also allows you to play with the blur creatively in panoramic or long exposure photos.

Superior Automatic Speech Recognition

This is one of the star features of the Google Pixel 6 series. It takes advantage of the powerful AI capabilities of the new Google Tensor chip to offer a very accurate and fast voice recognition system.

Speech recognition has been around on smartphones for a long time, but the Google Tensor chip takes it to the next level. For instance, it can add punctuation marks, and even understand context as you speak.

So, having this information in your hand, you can decide if the hardware and software virtues in the Samsung Galaxy S22 are enough to compensate for the features described above.

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