Lost Ark matchmaking issues get acknowledged, fix in the works

Lost Ark is a 2.5D MMOARPG developed by Tripod Studio and Smilegate RPG using Unreal Engine 3. First released in 2019 in South Korea, Amazon Games published the game a few days ago in Europe and the Americas.

But ever since its worldwide release, players have complained about numerous bugs and glitches. A few days ago, several players complained about frequent micro-stutters, FPS drops, performance issues, and missing items from product inventory.


And now, Lost Ark players are saying matchmaking is not working (1,2,3,4,5) with many unable to find any game at all. Some say they have to wait hours on end before they are able to play the game with others.

Players say they sometimes get ‘you can’t do this right now, please try again later’ error message even when everyone on the team votes yes. The bug seems to be angering a lot of players since it is making the game unplayable.

Below are reports from Lost Ark players complaining about the matchmaking issues.


I played the whole launch week and only was like 2 or 3 times able to play with my friends. When trying to join a dungeon or a raid it always said “you can’t do that right now” or something about the location-datas when we tried at normal times of the day. One time we stayed up till 3am and there was no problem at all. How did some people reach like gear score 1300 with a group already? I wasn’t even able to join a single instance without a wait of 2h during daytime. Please fix the matchmaking so we can play at normal times without an average wait time of 2h to get the raid started

I can’t believe I’m saying this but please increase the queue sizes and reduce server capacities. I swear to god. It’s still a burning clusterfuck, but hear me out. I’d rather wait 5 hours instead of 3 hours and also be able to do dungeons, raids and play with friends. Why even have 30 second window for the players to get ready. If the server takes 20 seconds to realize that some players are ready and then another 20 to start the match (which of course it doesn’t since it’s way past the 30 second threshold). This is my main issue, not even gonna talk about auras.

It looks like the matchmaking issues are not because of a lack of players but because the servers are overloaded and are unable to handle the load.

Fortunately, Lost Ark developers have acknowledged the issue matchmaking is not working and are already working on a fix.

We are aware of the current problems around crystalline auras and matchmaking and are working to fix them as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Rest assured, we will be updating this space once the problem is resolved so make sure you stay tuned to PiunikaWeb.

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