[Updated] Google Nest Camera & Doorbell Talk & Listen volume too low to hear, issue likely limited to Android devices

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Original story (published on September 15, 2021) follows:

Google’s Nest lineup of cameras and doorbells has a pretty decent following. Users manage their Nest Camera and Doorbell either via the Nest app or the Home app.

However, the new Google Nest Camera and Doorbell Battery can only be controlled from the Home app. While there is no word on whether the new Nest devices will support the old Nest app, Google might be working on the Home web client support for the new devices.

Google Nest Camera Battery

The Google Nest Camera and Doorbell setup allows users to talk to visitors via the Talk and Listen feature in the Home and Nest apps. However, users have been facing an issue with the feature lately.

As per multiple reports, the Talk and Listen volume on the Google Nest Camera and Doorbell is too low to hear. Basically, the volume level of visitors’ voices coming from the Google Nest Camera or Doorbell is fine but the volume level of users’ voices is low.

This is inconveniencing both users of the old and new Nest Camera and Doorbell devices. Also, some reports outline that the volume of the recorded messages is loud as compared to the volume of live communication.

Nest doorbell battery volume very low 2 way audio

Just got a nest doorbell (battery) and have notified from my phone (Note 20 ultra) and my wife’s phone (s10+) when we do talk and listen the audio from our phones is very soft coming out the door bell speaker

I know it’s not an issue with the speaker because the pre-recorded messages are loud

Turned up the camera speaker volume to full and we are speaking pretty loud into the phone

Could if be a Samsung issue with the mic volume for 3rd party apps?

Anyway, I’m using a Note10+ but also tried on another Samsung and same issue. After being online with nest support for over an hour trying different things they eventually said it must be faulty and sent me another one. That second one arrived yesterday and…..exactly the same issue. As you say the prerecorded messages are fine, just talk and listen is so, SO quiet. Not my phone as does the same thing with another phone. What’s the point of having the function if it only really works one way?!


Another thing to note is that most reports regarding the issue with Talk and Listen low volume are from those using Android devices to control Google Nest Camera and Doorbell. One user even pointed out that there is no such problem with iOS and PC (web app).

Several of these reports are from those using the old Nest app to control their camera and doorbell which further suggests that this might be a software issue that may have a solution.

Moreover, it is possible that this problem is occurring as the tech giant might be phasing out support for the old Nest app in favor of the Home app as new devices are not supported on the former.


While all this is still based on speculation as Google has not made any comments on the matter, the aforementioned issue with Talk and Listen still requires a proper solution.

Hopefully, Google takes a deeper look at this problem and provides users with a permanent fix if the issue is indeed related to software.

That said, we will report back with more details on the matter as and when new information emerges so stay tuned.


Update 1 (October 08)

04:20 pm (IST): An individual claims that everything works as expected if you use it via a web browser on your Android phone.

Thus, in case you’re still facing the issue, then we’d suggest using the browser. Of course, it’s a bit of a hassle, but might be worth a shot.

Update 2 (February 21)

01:10 pm (IST): Google on Twitter has acknowledged this issue and support says that a fix for the same should arrive in a future update of the Google Home app.

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