COD Vanguard Ranked Play 'Dev error 6144' & create-a-class (CAC) issues acknowledged

COD Vanguard players continue to encounter some issues that negatively impact the gaming experience. You can consult the coverage we have done on the bugs present in the COD games here.

Now, some COD Vanguard players are facing a couple of serious issues that prevent them from enjoying the online mode of the game.

More specifically, COD Vanguard create-a-class (CAC) loadouts are not working correctly and the Ranked Play ‘Dev error 6144’ appears frequently in the middle of matches.

COD Vanguard create-a-class (CAC) issue

The COD Vanguard create-a-class glitch directly affects custom loadouts. As its name suggests, Create-A-Class allows the player to create a custom class to their liking.

The player’s personal classes are called ‘loadouts’ and are saved for easy picking in the future.

However, the create-a-class system is not working correctly for some as the personal loadouts cannot be selected. So, the player can only choose a default class from the game (1, 2, 3, 4).

Vanguard Rank Play

So I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, or if it is a bug. I loaded up Rank play to try it out. I went to the load outs and made 5 loadouts that didn’t use any of the exclamation marks noting as restricted. When I went into the games, I could not choose any of the 5 load outs and had to use one of the default ones.

Ranked is Broken

Loading into a match takes 2 minutes minimum and then its extremely likely you dont even get to start before being brought back to the main screen.

The ristrictions on loadouts is also showing different things when you make a loadout vs when you attempt to enter a game.

COD Vanguard Ranked Play ‘Dev error 6144’

The other issue affects COD Vanguard Ranked Play due to a ‘Dev error 6144’ message that may appear after a few Ranked matches, preventing the player from continuing to play.

Cannot Play Ranked Dev error 6144 , Cannot make Classes Gitter in Lobby etc . Xbox Series S/X so idk how it is … and no info about it yet.

Have reinstalled the game 3 times and still the same issue.


Developers already aware

The COD Vanguard team is aware of both issues and is already working on a fix. They also suggest players avoid using Create-a-Class loadouts while the glitch is still unresolved.

We are currently aware of a Ranked Play issue involving Create-a-Class (CAC). Please avoid engaging with CAC while the match forms. We are currently working on a fix and will keep you posted. Thank you for your patience!

Regarding the ‘Dev error 6144‘ error message, the company advises gamers to avoid editing classes when searching for matches or when they are waiting in the lobby.


We will update this article once new events related to both issues arise.

NOTE: You can also check the bugs/issues tracker dedicated to the COD saga.

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