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Fortnite is a successful battle royale that is available free-to-play for many consoles and platforms.

The most popular game mode in Fortnite is usually the aforementioned battle-royale. However, it offers additional possibilities such as Creative mode.

Fortnite Creative is a game mode that allows players to create their own maps. This way you can customize many aspects of the experience for a classic deathmatch of up to 16 players.


Now, some Fortnite Creative mode players are facing an annoying delay issue when joining a map created by other players, according to multiple reports (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7).

Fortnite Creative longer loading times when starting or finishing a game

Player-created maps in Fortnite Creative mode aren’t just limited to private matches between friends. Fortnite offers the possibility of uploading them so any player can join them (if the creator wants it).

It is in this aspect where some players are experiencing a delay. The issue appears when starting and finishing Creative games and causes a longer than normal loading time before being able to continue.

Anyone else having an issue where after starting or ending a creative island game, it takes like a whole 30 seconds so do so?

#Fortnite #FortniteCreative

Anyone else experiencing weird lag starting and leaving maps? Taking like an extra few seconds?

Anyone else have their creative maps starting and ending really delayed?. #FortniteCreative

The problem in question seems to have started in the last few days. Also, it is not the first time that something like this has happened, since the same situation occurred a couple of years ago (1, 2).

Corrupted maps after uploading them to Fortnite Creative

Some players are facing another issue that prevents uploading a map in Fortnite Creative mode as the file gets corrupted when the process ends.

I think I’m just done with Fortnite creative. All I want is to publish map that’s it but no what do I get corrupted worlds oops sorry we cant help. Honestly once all last three of the seven get release I’m done with this game. I’ve been playing since chapter 1 season 1. 4 years.


Official acknowledgment

The Fortnite team is already aware of the glitch causing longer loading times in Creative mode. The company is currently investigating the issue, with no ETA for a fix.


Regarding the glitch that appears when uploading maps, there does not seem to be an official recognition yet. We will update this article once there are updates on these glitches.

Update 1 (February 17)

06:40 pm (IST): Fortnite Status has confirmed that this issue has been resolved and the loading times while starting and finishing Creative games have returned to normal.

NOTE: You can also check the bugs/issues tracker dedicated to Fortnite.

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