Dying Light 2 Now or Never quest not progressing or bugged for many (workaround inside)

Dying Light 2 players continue to encounter issues that the development team needs to fix as soon as possible. In the last few days we have covered many of the issues affecting players (1, 2, 3).

In some cases, the impact is so severe that it prevents players from progressing through the campaign. For instance, some players are currently unable to complete the Now or Never quest.

Dying Light 2 Now or Never quest is bugged causing situations like freezing or tasks not appearing according to multiple reports (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Dying Light 2 Now or Never quest not progressing

The glitch in question affects the progress in the Dying Light 2 Now or Never quest in various ways. In one of the reported situations, the player’s spawn location prevents them from reaching the mission area.

Can’t start Now or Never Quest

I finished the Colonel quest and started the now or never quest and then died and got respawned at a safe house and then every time I was trying to get back to the mission area, it would fail because I was too far out. So I quit the game and now I have the colonel quest completed but I cannot start the now or never quest. It seems like my quests are stuck now and I can’t finish the game.

I’m on the now or never mission and I made the choice to not trust the colonel then fought his henchmen got killed by them then spawned outside and can’t get back in the door that says pump section. I have no options and cannot continue the mission at all does anyone else have this?

In other cases the bug causes freezing issues during the Now or Never mission. If players exit and re-enter the game the mission reportedly won’t show any more objectives to accomplish.

I have a problem to complete the mission Now or never , i was completing the mission when all the enemies froze up , so i log out the game and enter again but it spawn me at the Bazar and now it says i already complete the “Escape” step and now i cant do anything to go ahead the mission.

A potential workaround

There is a workaround that could help resolve the issue and it consists of doing the following:

FIXED!!! All you need to do is go back to the mission start area and it will resume the quest for you.

There is no official acknowledgment from Techland about this problem yet. We will update this article once there are any updates on the matter.

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