[Updated] Neverwinter crashing or freezing on consoles issue under investigation

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Original story (published on February 02, 2022) follows:

If you are into massive multiplayer online role-playing games, you must have heard of Neverwinter at some point in time. Released in 2013, the game is developed by Cryptic Studios and published by Perfect World Entertainment.

The video game is based on the Forgotten Realms city from Dungeons and Dragons. Players can choose from eight classes and unlike normal MMO games, it focuses more on campaign instead of fighting against one another.


Ever since its release, developers have released numerous updates to the game that bring in new content and features called modules.

While the game is pretty stable, many Neverwinter players who play the game on console are reporting (1,2,3,4,5) freezing and crashing issues.

That being said, Neverwinter developers recently released the NW.135.20211219a.15 patch, but it looks like the update hasn’t fixed the crashing and freezing issues.

Players are frustrated and are wondering if the developers will fix the aforementioned issues. Below are some rants from players who are unable to play the game.


When are u guys goin to fix this, its been 16 hrs and u still havnt done it? At least put up an update for christ sake so ur community knows where ur at. This is why u have so many ppl leavin ur game coz u dont communicate with ur community. 16 hrs u should be embarassed

I don’t understand how you can break a game this bad. Like this isn’t a glitch, this isn’t something not working as intended, this is literally an entirely broken game. People already didn’t want this update and now they’ve gone and completely locked the game down with it. I may not touch Neverwinter again after this. Put a lot of time into it but it’s clear the devs are only out to get money at this point.

As it turns out, Neverwinter developers are aware of the crashing and freezing issues and said that they are currently investigating the matter. However, they did not share any ETA on when the problems will be fixed.

We are aware of Console players experiencing crashes and freezing. We continue to investigate this to identify a fix soon. Thank you for your patience.

We hope the developers find a solution and fix it as soon as possible since the game is unplayable for console players right now.

As always, we will let you know once more information is available so make sure you keep checking this space for updates.

Update 1 (February 15)

10:06 am (IST): Neverwinter players recently received a new patch that brings some performance improvements and fixes for freezing and crashing issues.


– Another potential client freeze/lock-up case has been addressed.

– The client should now be much less likely to crash when assigning audio memory. (Source)

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