My Singing Monsters Psychic Island song slow or distorted after latest update issue acknowledged

My Singing Monsters is a music game that has been available since 2012. It is currently available for mobile devices (Android and iOS) and for Windows OS devices.

The goal in My Singing Monsters is to collect, feed and breed a wide variety of creatures. However, unlike other similar games, players do not make their creatures fight against each other.

In My Singing Monsters, creatures you collect and breed have the ability to sing. So, the goal is to form a monsters orchestra that gets bigger the more creatures you add.

The game recently received an update with some new features and bug fixes. But it seems that the My Singing Monsters update also brought a glitch that causes the Psychic Island song to slow or become distorted.

My Singing Monsters Psychic Island song slow after update

The glitch in My Singing Monsters causes the song of the creatures in Psychic Island to be slow. This means that the song does not match the animation of the player’s monsters (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7).

@SingingMonsters hi, what happened to my psychic monsters? They’re singing slower than they’re moving. The video shows how they are at normal speed then how they SOUND normal but look super fast on fast speed 🙁

In addition to the slowness in the song, the audio in Psychic Island also cuts out and distorts for some players.

Is it just me, or the Psychic Island music became weird? Like I have to accelerate it 2x to get to normal speed, but the animation is weird and some parts of the song are cut?
I hope this gets fixed…

Multiple users report that the Psychic Island slow song issue started in the most recent My Singing Monsters update.


Please help, my psychic Island is broken

The other day, I went on psychic Island and then alt f4 out of the game, and then the game updated. After the update my monsters on psychic Island sound really slow and distorted. I’ve restarted my pc and restarted the game several times, nothing seems to be working. Any tips?

Big Blue Bubble team is already aware

The team at Big Blue Bubble (the developers of the game) are already aware of the glitch. The company is working on a fix, but at the moment there is no estimated date for its arrival.


We will update this article when the fix for the problem described above is available.

Featured Image: My Singing Monsters on Twitter

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