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Since its release, some Dying Light 2 players have been facing multiple issues that directly impact gameplay. Many of those issues have been covered here (1, 2, 3).

For those who don’t know, Dying Light 2 is an action-survival game set in a world of terror with immersive gameplay thanks to its first-person camera approach.

However, some Dying Light 2 audio issues have now surfaced on Xbox consoles. Apparently some players are experiencing audio dropouts or an annoying loud static buzzing.

Dying Light 2 buzzing sound issue for some Xbox players

One of the Dying Light 2 audio issues is loud buzzing which is irritating some players. This causes a kind of loud ‘static screeching’ noise that arises suddenly with no apparent explanation.

I just started to experience a very annoying and quite irritating bug that causes all of the game’s audio to emanate a loud static screeching through both my TV set and my headphones. I have restarted the game twice and the issue continues to persist. This obviously hampers not just my enjoyment of the game, but also further progression.

All the sound cuts completely for some players

Some Dying Light 2 players on Xbox are also facing a glitch where the sound cuts completely. Similar to the previous case, this can happen randomly and in some cases, it comes right after the loud buzzing issue.

Audio Issues Xbox Series X

Anyone else have bug where loud buzzing occurs and you have to restart/ dashboard game? Also just had the sound completely cease to exist , gone lol. Love the game but I feel for some people that don’t have decent pc or newest gen consoles. Hopefully a thread is made for bugs, I’ve only had bad audio so far. Also this is after the update.

I have been experiencing an audio bug that has been spoiling my game experience. The best description that I can give is that characters are completely silent during scripted dialogue scenes; that, and the game seems to be “auto-skipping” all dialogue.

Because of this, I have missed entire swathes of narrative. It’s extremely annoying and I do not know if anyone else has experienced this?

If it helps, I’m playing on Xbox One and am playing my audio through my TV speakers.

Techland team is already aware

The Techland team confirms that they are already aware of the Dying Light 2 audio issues. The company is working on a fix to resolve the problems as soon as possible, but there is still no ETA for it.

At this time, no workarounds have emerged to help mitigate the glitch. We will update this article as the matter develops.

Update 1 (February 09)

05:30 pm (IST): A new 1.05 patch is available for Dying Light 2 players which brings various bug fixes. However, it does not include any fixes or improvements for the audio issues that players are facing.

Update 2 (February 11)

06:06 pm (IST): Dying Light 2 team is preparing for patch 1.0.4 which will be released by the end of this week. Unfortunately, it does not mention anything about the ongoing audio issues on Xbox.

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