Early Dying Light 2 players keep finding some issues that its developers (Techland) need to fix as soon as possible for an optimal experience.

The most recent reports describe issues with redeeming awards or codes. Some Dying Light 2 players are also facing a bug where Sophie (a character from the game) gets stuck and prevents further progress.

Issues with redeeming awards or DLC codes

Some Dying Light 2 players are unable to claim the rewards they should receive for pre-ordering the game. They are also having problems trying to claim purchased codes or DLC content (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11).

Unable to redeem Pre Order – Xbox

I was just wondering if anyone on Xbox is able to redeem their pre order stuff -like the 2 weapons etc? I’m still not able too – opened a ticket but no response other than they will respond in 2 business days but that was 4 days ago. Just curious if it’s a global thing or not?


Unable to redeem dlc weapons

I am not able to redeem my deluxe edition and pre order bonus weapons after redeeming them a couple of times, it’s a shame too since I spent more for the deluxe edition. I wonder how many of you are facing the same issue and if there is a solution for this?

The Techland team is aware of this glitch (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and is working on a fix. However, there is no estimated arrival date for it yet.


Dying Light 2 Sophie stuck in box or can’t talk to her

The second issue prevents players from progressing past a certain point in the game. To complete a quest, players must find Sophie and talk to her (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

However, some Dying Light 2 players find Sophie ‘bugged’ as she gets stuck in a box. In some cases this also prevents them from talking to her, so the mission cannot be completed.

So Sophie is stuck here and I can’t talk to her, have reloaded and restarted the game and she continues to spawn here. Any advice? Can’t progress in the story until I get this figured out.


Can’t talk to Sophie Redux

Posted this on the Dying Light 2 Sub but the only help i got was “Don’t do that” im hoping for help here.

Played Co-op with my buddy on his playthrough. and i come back to a messed up world. I spawned inside a container with no way out. i Reloaded the save and could move around but it seems that i cannot fix this. I can’t reach her in order to continue. BTW this is the raid mission

The Techland team is also aware of this glitch as reflected in the official list of ‘Hot Issues’ the company has prioritized to address.


Some players found a potential workaround that could help fix the glitch in the PC version of Dying Light 2. The steps to follow are shown in the screenshot below:


However, there is no certainty that this process could mess up anything else in the quest or game. So, you should be aware of that before trying it.

WWe will update this story once we come across related news from Techland support.

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