Apple Music songs view jumping to random spots, uneditable library, changes not saving or syncing allegedly server side issues

Apple Music is without a doubt one of the largest music streaming services on the planet. With more than 70 million songs in its library, it is highly unlikely one would run out of music to listen to.

But in the last few months, Apple Music users have been facing several bugs and glitches like the recently reported bug where songs from playlists are removed when the source library is deleted.


And now, Apple Music users are reporting that songs view is jumping to random spots. While this is not deal-breaking, the glitch seems to be annoying many.


I am having the same issue, and Apple tech said reboot in safe-mode and see if it is still happening. I told him, funny how it happened at the same moment I upgraded to Monterey. He wanted screen recordings, and acted as if this was the first time he heard of it.

I’m finding the Music app is very buggy. Songs View: Making changes to a selection drops the view down to the very bottom of the list, forcing me to scroll back up to the artist I was making changes to. Songs View: Music app won’t remember how I want to sort (Album by Artist/Year). I have to sort the column manually every time I launch the app. (I’ve had this issue since Big Sur.)

Apart from this, users are also experiencing issues where they are unable to save or sync any changes to the music library. Many say that the issue is making the library uneditable.


Since the software update to Monterey 12.1, Music is unable to remember/save changes I make to songs (e.g., ratings, genres, etc.), as edits revert automatically after a couple of minutes. Even when I delete songs from my library, they just reappear a couple of minutes later. This bug has now made my entire library, which I’ve been curating for 15 years, uneditable. A very sad day for Apple users. #bringbackthejoyofmusic

Yesterday, I spent about an hour making changes to a iCloud Music Library based playlist on my Mac which only contains music that I’ve uploaded. (I don’t use iTunes Match) I changed track metadata and the order of the playlist. I noticed that the changes weren’t appearing on Apple Music on my phone and so I manually synced the library by selecting Library > Update Cloud Library in Apple Music on my Mac. Today I noticed that all of the changes I made yesterday (metadata and playlist order) have been reverted to their previous state. Any idea what’s happening here?

Apparently, Apple is aware of the uneditable library and changes not saving and syncing issues and said that it is a server-side problem.

There is currently a major bug pertaining Icloud Music Library where albums added to the library from the AM catalogue or trough locally ripped files are randomly split, and any metadata changes and deleted content from the library are reverted back after a few hours automatically, which renders Icloud Music Library unusable (both for Apple Music and Itunes Match). According to Apple (I have a case open with them about this), its a server side issue that affects Catalina, Big Sur, and Monterey.

As it turns out, iTunes users on Windows might be affected as well.

Possibly Windows (Itunes), too. It started out of nowhere a few weeks ago. Still broken. This should be classify as a high prority bug at Apple and get fixed ASAP, is not a minor thing. As I said, it renders Icloud Music Library completely unusable.

We hope the tech giant fixes these server-side issues as soon as possible. As always, we will let you know when we come across new information so make sure you keep checking this space for updates.

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