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The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are the latest entrants in the flagship Pixel lineup. While reviewers have praised the devices for their unique-looking camera bump and overall performance, the software experience can be summed up as mediocre at best.

Ever since it was released in mid-October, owners have reported several bugs and glitches that have ruined the Pixel experience for many. While the hardware is impressive, it looks like some are having issues with the display.


According to recent reports, many Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users are complaining that their phone’s screen is cracking randomly without any physical impact.

While some say that their screen cracked when it was in their pocket, others say it automatically cracked when they were charging the phone.

People say that the cracks appear out of nowhere, which is really weird since the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are protected by Corning’s Gorilla Glass Victus, which is the company’s toughest glass to date.

You can see in the image below how the crack looks like for a user who claims they noticed the crack when they took the phone out of their pocket.

Click/tap to enlarge image (Source)

Hey guys, only had the 6 pro for about 4 days now and it randomly cracked in my pocket. i have the otterbox defender case on it, no tempered glass protector yet because cant find it anywhere. havent dropped the phone or placed it anywhere weird or applied pressure. I just took it out of my front pocket and a crack from lower right hand side up halfway on the screen. is anyone else having issues like this or close? i know someone dropped it and it cracked but this is weird just random crack along screen.

Another device owner said they tried contacting a Google Customer Support representative about the issue, but Google redirected to web support.

I want to talk to a real CSR to resolve this, but the support web page kept redirect me around and around without provide me any ways to talk to a real CSR agent. Tried calling customer service, but it kept referring me back to web support. I want to bring the issue to Google and I saw online community that I am not the only one has this issue. I don’t want to wait till the warranty expires. Can someone from customer support reach out to me?

Initially, many thought that the screen cracked because of an error on their part, but after looking at the number of users affected by the issue, it looks like a design malfunction or an engineering error.

But since Google hasn’t said anything about the Pixel 6 screen cracking issue, we are unsure if it is a manufacturing or design defect or if the users are to blame here.

Nonetheless, we will be keeping an eye out on the problem and update this article as and when required, so make sure you keep checking this space.

Update 1 (December 23)

04:42 pm (IST): One individual says they received an email from Google support claiming that a representative would come to their house to fix the broken screen. If it isn’t repairable Google says they’ll replace the phone with a lesser value phone.


Update 2 (December 25)

12:27 pm (IST): If you have a Pixel 6 and the screen is intact, Google does have a dedicated help page that lists out dos and don’ts to prevent your phone’s screen from cracking.

Update 3 (December 27)

11:32 am (IST): Some of the theories going around include one that suggests these Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro screen breakages are caused by third-party cases that are a little too tight.

starting to notice a pattern here, its all google case or the spigen case applying too much pressure on the curved screen?

Update 4 (December 28)

12:05 pm (IST): On individual claims they were told by a Google rep that the issue basically isn’t Google’s fault and the device will have to be repaired as it usually would have to be in situations where the damage is caused by user error.

My support ticket was eventually “escalated” but the new rep pretty much told me the same thing (“not our problem, take it to Ubreakifix”). The most annoying thing about the whole ordeal has been that Google/Fi support act like your phone has no warranty if you don’t buy their insurance. (Source)

Moreover, the user claims that Google or Fi support isn’t that helpful in cases where you haven’t purchased their insurance. Google is yet to make a statement regarding the major hardware issue.

Update 5 (December 29)

12:28 pm (IST): A few days ago we reported that Google agreed to replace an individual’s Pixel 6 Pro with the broken screen for that with a lesser value device.

Now, another individual confirmed that they were told by Google that they’ll be getting a replacement unit with consideration that the device is under warranty.

Hi guys, Google has agreed to a replacement and is making an exception to consider the phone in warranty. I am unsure if it’s this is because the crack doesn’t show much of a impact break aside from the chip (which came off as I was removing the case) or because I had only unboxed and turned on the phone around 12 hours prior. I hope there won’t be the same issue with the replacement, and that a recall is issued for the obvious faulty batches. Good luck and I hope you guys also get positive outcomes as well. (Source)

Update 6 (December 30)

02:15 pm (IST): Previously we mentioned the possibility that some cases might be applying too much pressure on the glass which led to the screen cracking. Now, another possibility that has been pointed out by a few is the changing temperature.

Contacted Google and mine broke from the cold .came in to the warm and it popped while holding it .Google didn’t do anything and I’m very upset (Source)

It’s freezing cold in most places this time of the year which means that there’s a slight chance it might be the reason the screen is cracking, especially if the phone gets warm and then cools down rapidly.

Of course, this is still just speculation since there’s no concrete evidence pointing towards this being the case for all mysteriously cracked Pixel 6 Pro smartphones.

Update 7 (December 31)

04:55 pm (IST): Google still appears to be shying away from the Pixel 6 screen cracking saga as it’s not responding to user complaints publicly. Instead, the support team’s asking users to DM them.

Hi Gaurav, we’re sorry to know about the damage on your Pixel. We’d like to assist you on this over DM. Please click on the link below to send us a direct message. Rest assured, we’ll look into this and help you further. Appreciate it. (Source)

Update 8 (January 1)

04:30 pm (IST): One individual claims that they got quoted $400 to fix the cracked screen on their Pixel 6 Pro which apparently suffered the same fate as many other 6 Pros as we highlighted above.

So I’ve been quoted $400 to fix a manufacturing defect in my new pixel 6 pro(the screen cracked randomly while in my pocket). Google customer service is shocking and the quality of the new pixel 6 pro is even worse. Never again (Source)

It’s unclear why Google hasn’t yet acknowledged the issue publicly or whether the company has begun investigating the reports.

Update 9 (January 3)

03:50 pm (IST): While Google is yet to begin its investigations on the issue, at least publicly, it appears users are trying to take things into their own hands.

A Redditor has created and shared a spreadsheet to log reports from everyone whose Pixel 6 screen cracked randomly without any impact or drop. The records should apparently help in figuring out the potential cause.

I just created a shared spreadsheet:

If each of you could add any details you’re comfortable sharing, we could look for patterns in these occurrences and try to get this info in the right hands to do something about it. (Source)

Update 10 (January 4)

011:50 am (IST): A product expert at the Pixel community has at least bothered to respond to the complainants, suggesting them to get in touch with the support, which sadly hasn’t helped the majority so far. But as of now, it appears to be the only hope for those affected.

In addition to that, one of the affected users claims to have even got in touch with Corning Inc to get insights on the matter. However, they haven’t heard back from them as yet.

Rest assured, we’ll be keeping an eye to share the developments revealed by the fellow in question in the coming days.

Update 11 (January 6)

06:15 pm (IST): One of our readers dropped a comment below claiming that they managed to get Google to agree to replace their Pixel 6 Pro after the screen cracked mysteriously.

The replacement could be a refurbished unit or a brand new one, there’s also no option to pick a storage variant due to the shortage apparently. Here’s a snippet from their comment:

They finally came back and said they will do a 1 time replacement that is out of the ordinary policy. So it could be brand new or refurbished and they said they can’t choose due to shortages. So ya gotta keep fighting. I’m not happy that it could be a refurb but sometimes a refurb can be better since it’s been gone thru.

Thanks for sharing the information, Nick Vanderhatchet!

Update 12 (January 07)

05:35 pm (IST): One of the affected users said that Ubreakfix, which is an authorized repair center is unable to fix the screen. So, the users can’t get their Pixel 6 screen fixed even if they are willing to pay.


Update 13 (January 10)

01:15 pm (IST): As if the Pixel 6 screen cracking issue wasn’t enough, some users are now also reporting (1, 2) that the screen glass of these smartphones scratches too easily.

One of the users pointed out that the Gorilla Glass Victus is made up of a softer compound that is less prone to shattering but can be easily scratched. So, it’s always better to use a screen protector in order to avoid scratches.

Update 14 (January 11)

09:15 am (IST): What’s weird is that despite the issue being so actively discussed in the community and other social media platforms, folks getting in touch with the support are being told there are not many complaints regarding this problem.

Here’s what the user has to say:

After very long conversation with Google support, escalation, providing proof of purchase etc I received…. no help. The short version of their response:

1) There is “physical damage” and therefore nothing they can do. It must have been dropped.
2) They have not received any other reports of random screen cracks, mine is the only reported case (I directed them to this thread but they said they can’t comment on it)

Someone started collecting info here. If anyone else has reported it to Google can I propose we share the customer support case number in the spreadsheet so we can correct the claim that no one else has reported this to Google support?

04:01 pm (IST): As reported by several users, the Pixel 6 glass is easily prone to scratch, the one no-brainer workaround for this would be to use a glass protector.

And here’s one of the best screen protectors you can try on your Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. The Whitestone Dome Glass is arguably the best and the recommended one right now.

Update 15 (January 18)

12:27 pm (IST): One of the Pixel 6 users report that when he turned on the hotspot, the smartphone got hot a few minutes later and then it cracked. So, other users can try and keep the temperature of their units as low to minimize the risk.

Update 16 (January 20)

12:23 pm (IST): The reports regarding this issue continue to come in but Google has still not acknowledged any of them.

Some users pointed out (1, 2)that, with Google not responding to this issue, partners like T-Mobile also can’t replace the units for the affected users.

Update 17 (January 24)

06:26 pm (IST): One of our readers said that he has noticed some differences between the replacement unit and the broken unit. He also points out that the broken phone might be from a different batch where all the units were broken.

While the point here seems probable, we can’t confirm anything until Google itself acknowledges the issue.

Thanks for the tip: Nick Vanderhatchet!

Update 18 (January 29)

01:26 pm (IST): A user has recorded the instances where Pixel 6 screen is cracked randomly in Google Sheets and has accumulated around 130 reports from different users.

This means that it is indeed a widespread issue and likely a hardware defect. And hence, something that Google should be concerned about, but yet it remains unacknowledged.

Update 19 (January 31)

01:26 pm (IST): According to Google’s product documentation, Pixel 6 phones should be stored in temperatures of between 32F and 95F. Therefore, if the temperature is colder in your region, it could be why the phone’s screen cracks.

Your phone is designed to work best in ambient temperatures between 32° and 95° F (0° and 35° C), and should be stored between ambient temperatures of -4° and 113° F (-20° and 45° C). (Source)

Update 20 (February 01)

03:53 pm (IST): It seems that Google is refusing to take any responsibility for the widespread screen cracking issue of Pixel 6. A user reported that the company is charging more than $250 to repair the broken screen.

Update 21 (April 09)

03:29 pm (IST): Google is now officially making repair parts available for Pixel phones. It includes displays, batteries, and more. These components will be available on iFixit.

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