Rocket League is a popular sports game that combines soccer and vehicles in frenetic online matches against other players worldwide.

As in any competitive online game, the proper functioning of the sanctioning system is important to keep cheaters, trolls and toxic players away.

However, according to reports, it appears that the Rocket League ban system is currently ‘broken’, as some players are being penalized for things like leaving a tournament immediately after completion.

Rocket League ban system issue frustrating players

The Rocket League ban system issue has been present for around a week. In some cases, players are banned if they leave a tournament a few seconds after it has ended.

That is, it is not necessary for the player to leave the tournament while it is taking place to be banned. The ban could occur for just leaving the tournament seconds after it ends (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

Please fix the banning issue, I never leave tournament matches until they are done and only leave any public match if your game fails to load a teammate. No need for a ban on leaving a casual game. PLEASE.


Why do you get banned from tournaments and matchmaking and you leave a tournament that you forfeited in?

My buddy and I were playing a 3’s tourney and forfeited the match because we were down 5-0 with less than a minute left. We left the game right after the ff went through like you would in any other game mode but now we have a 10 minute matchmaking ban.

Meanwhile, other players are reporting that the ban issue could also happen if a tournament is abandoned before the team selection process is complete (1, 2, 3).


The censorship system is also giving problems

Some players suggest that the in-game censorship system is poorly implemented. Apparently, a ban could also happen for something as simple as typing the word ‘ball’ in chat.

Considering that Rocket League is a soccer-based game, it is problematic that the word ‘ball’ cannot be mentioned. Also, some players could even get banned for simply not saying anything in chat.

At first I just thought they censored certain words. While incredibly dumb I at least understood a little bit. Simply talking about the ball would get my whole chat banned because ball is a bad word in a game that literally includes a ball.

But then I recently am being censored for literally saying ANYTHING. I kid you not. Today I typed into the chat something along the lines of “sorry I have food” because I was afk for a few seconds and gave up a goal so I was just apologizing to my team and that line apparently got me chat banned.

Rocket League team is already aware

The Rocket League team is currently aware of the ban system issues. The company is looking into it, but there is no ETA for a fix yet.

Hey there, thanks for reporting this. This is an issue we are currently looking into. We cannot provide an estimated time for a particular outcome at the moment. Thank you for your patience while we investigate. Good Luck with your future matches!

We will update this story if new related events arise in the next few hours or days to keep you informed.

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