Gboard is the classic Google keyboard app for Android and iOS mobile devices. In Android smartphones it usually comes as the default keyboard.

As is common in Google services, over time they gain more features through updates. But sometimes the updates also bring some issues.

For instance, some Android users are facing a glitch in Messages app where the Gboard keyboard disappears or refuses to appear when creating a group text message (1, 2, 3, 4).

Gboard on Android disappears when creating group messages

According to reports, the issue could only happen in the phone’s default Messages app. In other messaging apps that allow users to create group messages (such as WhatsApp) everything works normally.

Reports from those affected say any attempts to compose a group text message are futile since the keyboard doesn’t appear when you touch the text input area to start typing.

Does anyone else have issues when starting a group text with more than one recipient where you tap into the text bar to start typing but the keyboard does not open up so you can’t start typing?

I’m using the stock keyboard and don’t have issues in other messaging apps like WhatsApp, only the default Messages app.

When texting, anything you type in the first 5 seconds gets deleted and you have to restart…

Many times when you start a group text and you click on the message bar to pull up the keyboard, nothing happens or a blank keyboard pops up. The only way around this is to go back and restart the group and try again.

A temporary workaround to mitigate the issue

There is a workaround that could help mitigate the issue. Basically, it is recommended to uninstall the Google Messages app updates so that everything works as expected again.

I just got off with Google support. The temporary fix is to uninstall updates on your messaging app.

Go to: Settings > Apps > Messages > Force Stop > Hit the 3 dots > Uninstall updates.

This will get it working, as again Google support just helped me with this and mine is working. It is, however, a temporary fix and if you update your messages the issue will happen again.

However, this can be considered a temporary workaround, as it requires keeping the app out of date. It can also be annoying for users who always have automatic updates turned on.

Other likely related Messages app issue

There is another glitch that seems to be related to the one described above. According to reports, when there are some non-android devices typing in a text group chat, Messages app could crash.

Group Messaging crashes when multiple non-android users text at the same time

This app will crash on you and not receive/send messages if multiple non-android phones text in a group chat at the same time. The only way to resolve is to clear cache AND restart your phone…this has been going on for years and you think it would get fixed.

In this case, the workaround is a bit more annoying, as it requires both clearing the Messaging app cache and rebooting the phone.

There is still no official acknowledgment on both glitches from Google. We will update this article as events unfold with new pertinent information.

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