[Update: Feb. 02] Disney Emoji Blitz not loading as 'Restart to download content' error message persists (workaround inside)

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Disney Emoji Blitz is a popular matching game for the little ones in the house and the casual crowd. It uses as a base the recognizable faces of the most iconic figures of the company throughout its history.

However, in the last few hours, the game is suffering from an issue that makes it unplayable. There is an error message that appears while trying to open it, wich gets Emoji Blitz stuck.

The error message in question is ‘Restart to download content’. Having said the above, there is a potential workaround that should help resolve it (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9).

Disney Emoji Blitz ‘Restart to download content’ error

According to multiple reports, the error started appearing just a few hours ago. Apparently, Disney Emoji Blitz detects that downloadable content is available and makes you restart the game to download it.

But, after restarting it, Disney Emoji Blitz shows the same ‘Restart to download content’ error message again. So, the process becomes a loop with no way out.

Has anyone else been having issues all day? I have restarted the app, updated it, restarted my phone- and I’ve still been receiving this message all day. I just want to be able to connect in time for my daily prize! How frustrating! 🥺😢


Fix your Disney Emoji Blitz app now! I got an error saying I need to “restart the app and connect to the internet to download new content” even though I AM connected! Tried restarting the app and turning wifi on and off and it’s still not working!

Disney Emoji Blitz players are complaining that there are currently events going on in the game, which are time limited, and they are not being able to comply due to not accessing the game.

Try this workaround

Considering the above situation, many Disney Emoji Blitz players have been unable to access the game for many hours, and looking for a way to solve the problem.

However, having said the above, some managed to find a workaround. This reportedly helps to access Disney Emoji Blitz again without suffering from the annoying persistent ‘Restart to download content’ error message.

Basically, instead of opening the game from the icon on the phone, the user must open it directly from the App Store. This way they can bypass the issue.


At the moment, there seems to be no official acknowledgment of the matter from the developers. If new related events arise, we will update this article with all the pertinent information.

Update 1 (February 01)

10:08 pm (IST): Some Disney Emoji Blitz players are now reporting a ‘Time Error’ issue where they aren’t able to collect daily rewards as the game does not sync with their devices’ time.

Here are some reports for reference:

@disneyemoji I can finally get back into the game but getting this error on the daily calendar. My device clock is fine and I’ve restarted 3 times. #DisneyEmojiBlitz (Source)

@disneyemoji Now what’s the issue? Why isn’t the Prize Calendar working?
I’ve experienced so many issues with this game over the last few months… it’s very disappointing!
Who else is having this issue with #DisneyEmojiBlitz ? (Source)

DAMN @JamCityHQ I can’t play Disney Emoji Blitz, it’s full of errors!!! The latest is that I’m not able to collet my daily rewards because the game is not syncs with my iPhone’s time. 🙄🙄🙄 (Source)

Fortunately, Jan City has acknowledged this issue and said that they are looking into it and working to fix it.

Update 2 (February 02)

11:07 am (IST): DisneyEmoji has acknowledged the issue where it shows a ‘Restart to play’ error message when players try to enter the game. And they say that players can easily get through it if they close and re-open the game.

– A “restart to play” error message appears when entering the game. If you experience this bug, you may be able to bypass it by closing and re-opening the game.

– The Login Calendar and Deluxe Wheel are not accessible. (Source)

Featured Image: Disney

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