RuneScape GIM system issue where players get kicked out of groups under investigation

RuneScape is a popular free-to-play MMORPG that has just turned 20 years since its original release in January 2001.

Like other similar games, RuneScape is set in a fantasy world filled with various creatures, races, dungeons, challenges, and a lot of weapons/armors. Through it, the player must survive together with other players.

What is RuneScape GIM system?

For more experienced players, the game offers the ‘Iron Man mode’. This mode adds various restrictions intended for the player to be completely self-sufficient.

This means that an account with Iron Man mode will not have access to most group features. That is, the player does not have things like trading, PvP or minigames/group activities.

Having said the above, later on, the developers of RuneScape released the ‘GIM mode’. ‘GIM’ stands for ‘Group Ironman Mode’ and is designed to enjoy the Iron Man experience, but with friends.

So, basically, the GIM mode allows you to create a group (up to 5 players). All party members will be subject to the limitations of Iron Man mode, but will be able to interact with each other.

RuneScape players get kicked out of GIM system

Having said the above, multiple reports indicate that the mode is presenting issues. Basically, some players get kicked out of their GIM groups. Once this happens, they cannot rejoin the party.

Kicked randomly from GIM after 10 hours.

Logged on this morning to my group ironman, everything was fine for 30 seconds and then I got sent back to the Log in screen, no connection problems or errors. Logged back into the game to have my character at the GIM island and now I cannot rejoin my original group. This group was literally 2 days old.


In the worst cases, they not only get kicked out of the GIM, but also reportedly lose all of their tradable items. Players are worried that they won’t be able to get their lost items back.

Was kicked from GIM without any grace period, and lost all of my tradable items.

Happened last night at about 01:30 am MST. My power went out and when I logged back in it asked me if I wanted to become just a normal ironman or continue to be a GIM, thinking this was just a mistake I chose to continue as group ironman and I would get my stuff back. Well I can’t get added back into the group and now I’m pretty sure that all of my tradable items are actually gone.

Jagex team is already aware

The RuneScape developers are aware of problems related to the GIM system. The company is investigating about it, in order to resolve it as soon as possible.

Hi! We’re currently aware of the issue you’re describing and are currently investigating into a resolution, in the meantime, please submit a bug report as outlined within so we can further investigate. Thanks! – Mod Pixel.

Once new developments related to the issue emerge, we will update this article. So, stay tuned with us.

Featured Image: Steam

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