[Poll results live] Time for another email client until Google fixes Gmail push notifications issue?

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It took Gmail a relatively short period of time to become one of the most used email clients on the planet. Today, Gmail commands a user base of over 1.5 billion across the globe.

With such figures, there’s no doubt Gmail is up there among the best email services the market has to offer, but it’s not the only client you can get your hands on. In fact, it isn’t necessarily the right client for you.

Depending on various needs, one may opt against using Gmail. But for basics like sending and receiving emails on mobile or desktop, there’s probably none better than Gmail.


Being the best in a pool of others, however, doesn’t equate to perfection. Gmail is undoubtedly great at what it does, but it isn’t perfect at everything.

Case in point is the long-standing push notifications issue that Gmail users on multiple mobile devices have had to deal with for several years now.

Having working Gmail push notifications is a crucial aspect of the app. Without them, you can’t tell when you get a new email.

Broken notifications means you’ll definitely miss that important email responding to a job application. There are also other things at stake whenever your email or even messaging client doesn’t show push notifications.

And this is the situation a section of Gmail users are finding themselves in. Reddit is littered with threads of irate users asking why this is still an issue in 2022, when it has been ongoing for several years now.

Dude it’s been over 6 months easy, fix the Gmail notifications issue!! This thing goes away whenever the random update comes and only to be back a couple of weeks later. No Gmail notifications on OP9!!

The official Gmail support forum is also home to several reports from those experiencing the same issue. And we’ve even highlighted it here at PiunikaWeb, but with focus on OnePlus devices.


As noted earlier, Gmail is the biggest email client serving billions across the globe. With the kind of resources Google commands, such a serious issue shouldn’t be taking ages to fix.

Someone at Google needs to take responsibility and see to it that this issue is addressed once and for all. But for something that has been ongoing for years, there’s little-to-no hope at this point.

But what if Gmail users affected by the push notifications issue initiate mass migration to alternative email clients? Could this migration serve as a motivation to remind Google that there’s a user base that needs their attention?

Maybe. Just maybe. Still, users shouldn’t need to take such drastic measures just to get a critical issue addressed. And Google cannot keep ignoring this matter any longer. While Google did acknowledge being aware of this issue last October and even linked it to Android 11, it’s nowhere near good enough.


Nearly 3 months later, no resolution has been made available and the issue still persists even on the latest Android 12 devices, which goes to show just how deep the bug is rooted into the Gmail system.

Unless you can keep on disregarding it, maybe it’s time to switch over to an alternative email client that actually works until Google fixes the annoying Gmail notifications issue.

There are several options you can turn to, among them the privacy-focused ProtonMail, Microsoft Outlook that boasts productivity integrations with the likes of Word and Excel, or even Yahoo Mail with its free 1TB of storage.

Other Gmail alternatives worth looking at include the ad-free Zoho Mail, privacy-focused Tutanota, Mailbox (although this is a paid email service), and Email by Edison, just to name but a few.

That said, we’d like to hear from you via the comments section below. We also have a Twitter poll that you can vote and come back for the results after a week.

Update 1 (Jan 30)

The results for the poll are out, with a mjority (75%) disagreeing that the Gmail push notifications issue is a reason enough to switch to an alternative email client.

While close to 17% agreed, the remaining who voted said they have never used Gamil so far. In case you missed the poll, you are welcome to share your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom.

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