Apex Legends Storm Point map leaves many players disappointed

Developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, Apex Legends is one of the best Battle Royale that was released in recent times.

Unlike other realistic titles like PUBG, the title is known for its cartoonish graphics and fast-paced gameplay.


Having said that, the start of Season 11 in November introduced the largest map in the game to date called Storm Point.

Players have been drooling over how good it looks and runs compared to maps like World’s Edge and Kings Canyon.

According to Apex Legends principal designer Rodney Reece, the tropical island of Storm Point is designed to ‘address bad third-party encounters, optimal loot flow, and combat engagement for a better gameplay experience’.

But now, Apex Legends players are expressing (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) their disappointment with Storm Point saying that the new map feels empty and boring and that there are no good points of interest.


way too much open space, building designs are bad, too many open floor plans without enough interior features to break line of site/force CQC engagements, loot too spread out, wildlife is HORRIBLE, you either have to avoid entire sections of the map just because the damn prowlers or spiders will attack you and make you waste ammo/giver away your position, or you move through that area and waste ammo and give away your position.

Its so unbelievably * boring… 3rd partying is worse than ever due to the increased number of POIs leading to fewer squad wipes upon landing. Camping is worse in the final ring. The ring in general got upgraded from minor raid boss to major raid boss.. its seriously just run, run, run, run, see team, kill team, die immediately to third party. If that third party doesn’t kill you, don’t worry, there will be more. I’ve never had so many teams show up to a single location simultaneously on any other map. One, of course.. its why many hate this game.. Two.. sometimes, but 3 or 4? How is that even happening?

Many say that the map is simply too big for 20 squads and that EA should add more players to the round to retain the fast-paced gameplay Apex Legends is known for.

Even some Pro players feel the same. Here is what a Twitch streamer known as ImperialHal has to say.

I like the map, but at the same point I don’t,” he confesses. “In terms of loot it feels fine, but the areas of the map feel uneven. There are just a lot of spots on the map where it’s like, hard… there’s a lot of power positions on this map, compared to other positions that are just dogs**t compared to it.

We hope EA listens to its player base and makes some changes to Storm Point so it does not feel empty or boring for Apex Legends players.

In the meantime, do let us know if you find Storm Point interesting or boring in the comment section down below.

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