If you are looking for a realistic multiplayer first-person shooting game, you must have heard about Escape from Tarkov. Developed and published by Battlestate Games, the game is made using the Unity engine.

That being said, players are affected by several bugs and issues such as the Flea market bug where several items went ‘Out of Stock’ and hackers abusing VOIP to threaten players.


It also features a Hideout that is basically an abandoned bomb shelter that players can build upon and improve by installing various modules such as a power generator, ventilation system, and solar power amongst many others.

But now Escape from Tarkov players are reporting (1,2,3) that the Solar Power is not working, causing the fuel to burn faster when the game is closed. Some say that the fuel is burning at almost double the rate, which is angering many.


Hearing via Reddit that the Hideout Solar Power Module currently does not work when the game is closed. Can anyone with this module installed in their hideout confirm? Potentially burning fuel twice as fast? #EscapeFromTarkov

Another player said,

The other day I loaded up fuel and in-game it said I had 54 hours remaining. I set a ‘timer’ on my phone that matched it. I had set phone timer because I had suspected it was burning fuel faster but wasn’t sure. My phone now says there is 30 hours remaining. However in game it says there is 11 hours remaining. Which is a lot more than just ‘a few minutes off’. Its nearly 20 hours off. It’s burned nearly 40 hours on the timer in less than 24 hours. When it should have burned at most 24 hours.

They added,

It’s burning fuel faster than its supposed too or the UI is messed up. I have solar panel. Which I think originally its showing correct rate when I am logged in, but burning 2x faster when I am logged out of the game. I am doing more thorough testing now with exact 1 hour increments and maybe I can find out if its solar panel or something else. Can anyone else who has solar panel attempt to confirm it’s not just me?

Unfortunately, Escape from Tarkov developers are yet to say anything on the matter, leaving players wondering how long it will take them to fix the solar power issue.

If and when they do, we will update this space to reflect the same so make sure you stay tuned for more information.

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Featured image source: Escape From Tarkov

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