Spotify unable to resume music from last played position when using Google Assistant or Alexa voice commands

If you are someone who enjoys listening to music every day, chances are pretty high you are already using Spotify. With more than 70 million songs in its database, it is highly unlikely you will run out of music to listen to.

But in the last few months, Spotify users seem to be facing various glitches that range from mildly to highly infuriating such as the one where the Radio function was playing music from the library instead of new songs.


And as if that wasn’t enough, a bunch of Spotify users who use voice commands to control music playback are now reporting that they are unable to resume music from their last played position using Google Assistant or Alexa.

Instead, Spotify resumes the song from the beginning which is really frustrating since many of them listen to their favorite music on various devices such as smart speakers or smart home devices.

Generic solutions such as reinstalling the app and clearing app data and cache seem to make no difference at all.


I disabled the Spotify skill on Alexa as I had a problem with scrobbling (still not resolved) and since I reenabled and reconnected the skill, the “Play Spotify” and “Open Spotify” voice commands have changed behavior. They used to continue off where I last stopped Spotify but now the start at the begining of the playlist every time. “Resume Spotify” does the right thing but it’s annoying having to retrain myself after years of shouting “Alexa, Play Spotify”. Does anyone now if this was in a recent update or is something odd with mine? TIA

I am having a problem with albums/playlists resuming from their last played position when I use voice commands on Amazon and Google devices. Beforehand, if I were to say, “Alexa, play Spotify,” I would expect music to start playing from the last played point in a song. This would be a seamless transition, so I could move from listening on my phone to listening on my Alexa device without missing any of the song. Now, the same command will resume playing from the start of the playlist/album, regardless of how far through I am.

As it turns out, Spotify is aware of the issue where users cannot resume from last played position using Google Assistant or Alexa voice commands.

Hello everyone,
We’ve received reports that users been having a problem with albums/playlists resuming from their last played position while using voice commands on Amazon and Google devices.

But it looks like those affected will have to wait a while since they did not share when it will be fixed. When they do, we will let you know so stay tuned for updates.

Note: We have more such stories in our dedicated Spotify Section so be sure to follow them as well.

Featured image source: Spotify Blog

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