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Pixel phones are often praised in the Android world for their quick updates and uncluttered interface. The feature set is backed by Artificial Intelligence allows these devices to take some stunning images without the need for larger sensors.

More often than not, they are updated to the latest Android version in almost no time. Unsurprisingly, Pixel phones are the first ones to receive the update to Android 12 just after it was released.

But the transition to Android 12 doesn’t seem to be going smooth for many. Recently, some Pixel device owners who upgraded their devices to Google’s latest mobile operating system reported that they were experiencing app crashes and freezing on their smartphones.

Pixel users experiencing touch screen issues after Android 12 update
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Google says that the issue arises due to incompatibility with third-party apps, but it is still unclear what is causing apps to crash on so many devices.

And if you thought that was the end of it, it looks like many more are now reporting touch screen issues on the upper part of their screens after they upgraded their Pixel devices to Android 12.

Users say that the issue seems to be related to the software since the top portion doesn’t respond to touches even if they rotate their phone.


Ive just upgraded to android 12 and immediately i noticed the upper 10-15% of the screen is touch unsensitive. Only the left upper corner where the pinhole camera is.. is working. In safe mode all works ok, also everything worked today before upgrading. Funny that if i open app settings, the upper part starts working again. If i leave to another app or to the home screen its dead again. This is a disaster since all the apps have navigation/butyons up there and i cannot use half of the apps, not even chrome to enter an address.

Top one inch part of Touch screen is not functioning. Not sensing the apps icons in that area Restarted phone several times. Tapping the unresponsive screen part intermittently.

This is really frustrating since many apps have menus and other buttons located on the top half of the screen.

A community expert is asking those affected by the touch screen issues on Pixel devices after the Android 12 update to send feedback to Google.

Hi Shailendra Saxena I am seeing a few report of this following A12 update. Best send feedback to the developers about this. You can send feedback either through your device or through the Android Issue Tracker.
Via Device
Settings > About phone > Send feedback about this device
Via Android Issue Tracker
– Mike

If and when Google acknowledges the issue officially, we will update this article so make sure you keep an eye out for updates.

Update 1 (January 26)

10:07 am (IST): Here’s some good news for those who are still facing this issue. A Google employee says that the development team has fixed this issue and it will be available in a future build.

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Featured image source: Google Blog

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