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10:55 am (IST): By glancing at the recent reports, it appears that Pixel 7 owners are also encountering this issue. Surprisingly, Garmin’s smartwatches keep disconnecting multiple times a day, even after upgrading to the latest OS.

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Founded in 1989, Garmin is one of the oldest and most well-known companies if you are a fitness enthusiast in search of an activity tracker.

Known for its accuracy and premium build quality, Garmin generated a revenue of $4.19 billion in 2020. Preferred by several athletes worldwide, many say that Garmin is the leader in the GPS fitness watch space.


It also features an in-house developed mobile application called Garmin Connect that allows users to connect their devices to their phones to sync data and do much more.

Garmin watches keep disconnecting and reconnecting on Pixel 6

But some Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro owners are now reporting that the Garmin app is randomly disconnecting and reconnecting with their devices. Others say that they are unable to pair the smartwatch at all.

Users went to say that it’s not a Garmin issue since they were able to connect their watch with other phones without any problem, but others disagree. Many are frustrated and wondering what they can do to fix the problem.


BT connection on my P6 Pro keeps dropping to my smart watch Garmin Fenix 6X. I tried changing those settings in Developer options, without luck. The only thing that helps temporarily is to turn off the BT on phone, then turn on again, which helps for few hours, then issue comes back. I sent a feedback to Google, and browsed through the system logs, there are a lot of connection timeout there. I am on November update. However, I keep seeing BT issues other people have reported, but all of them are related to car or speaker connection, not watch. Does anybody else have the same issue as me? Thanks.

Since changing to the Pixel 6, the connection between GCM and the 6s Pro has been horrible. The phone keeps dropping the pairing, so I’ll suddenly see a 6 digit code on the watch with a pair request on the phone, this pairing request will often take 3-4 attempts to succeed, but then will drop again sometimes within minutes, other times longer. Restarting the watch doesn’t help. Restarting the phone either. Forgetting the watch and re-adding hasn’t worked (it just needed to be set up from scratch again, GPay and so on). I’ve updated the watch to 20.00, but that’s not had an appreciable effect.

Unable to pair Garmin watches on Pixel 6

Some users are saying that they are unable to pair their smartwatches on their Pixel 6 devices. This is a really serious issue since it is making their device unusable.

Reinstalling the app and resetting the smartwatch to factory settings does not seem to help either.

Worked great for 2 years, then new software on watch, and app update… and watch (vivomove style) will no longer pair with phone (pixel 6 pro). Been through all the troubleshooting to no avail- get as far as the devices recognizing each other, but “failed to pair” message everytime. Was really happy with app/watch until now… now I’m looking forward to the rumored pixel watch!

Hi , is anyone else having trouble pairing their Pixel 6 pro with a Garmin Edge 520? It worked fine straight out of the box but since the December update it won’t connect. I’ve tried all the steps advised on various forum sites / YouTube ( IE forgetting each device, turning Bluetooth off and on , pairing with WiFi off, clearing the Bluetooth cache etc etc) but it still won’t pair. Connects immediately with my partner’s iPhone 11 so it’s not a Garmin issue.

It is interesting to note that Pixel 6 devices have had their fair share of Bluetooth connection issues.

While some users faced connection issues with cars and hearing aids, others said that their phone rebooted to recovery mode when connected to Bluetooth audio devices.

But with Google or Garmin yet to comment on the matter, it is still unclear how long it will take before the issue is resolved. Nonetheless, we will let you know once a fix comes to light so stay tuned.

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