SmartThings network connection ('Network or server error occurred') issue comes to light; iOS app constantly logging out likely fixed

SmartThings is an app/service that works as a hub for the control of all compatible smart/IoT devices in the user’s home. In this way, a home automation system can be established.

However, in the last few weeks, some users have been facing annoying connection and login issues that prevent the app from working properly, especially on iOS devices.

According to multiple reports, SmartThings users are suffering from a network connection that does not allow to connect IoT devices.

In addition to the above, users of SmartThings on iOS report that the app constantly forces them to log in.

SmartThings network error while trying to set devices

One of the reported issues is that many SmartThings users receive a ‘Network or server error occurred’ message when trying to set other IoT devices to the home network (1, 2, 3, 4).

Hi everyone I recently bought an M7 32″ monitor and I’m really enjoying it. Only problem is that it won’t connect to Smart things. I’ll go through the first 3/4 steps and then it gets stuck on “adding monitor to your Samsung account” And it just sits there without doing anything else.


Some hoped that the latest iOS update would resolve the issues. But, according to various reports, these continue to occur.


SmartThings iOS app constantly logging out

The other reported issue mainly affects iOS users. The SmartThings app is reportedly constantly asking them to login, as if they never did (1, 2).

ST logging me out on a daily basis on my phone, my wife’s phone, and our Skill with Alexa.

I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling, but as mentioned, this isn’t the only device it’s happening on. I have to log into the Alexa skill all the time also to get voice control of ST back. Been like this for a couple of weeks now. About to make the HA switch. I’m so tired of this shit. Thank goodness I never turned on 2FA.

However, having said the above, the glitch might have been resolved after a recent update. It should be noted that this has not been officially confirmed yet.

SmartThings claims they’ve fixed the login issue

Not sure if it’s affecting Android users but for us on iOS it’s been a pain. Seems like every day I’d have to log into the app all over again. Sent a message to support and they wrote back it’s been fixed. If you’re still having issues can you please write them so they know it’s still happening.


At the moment, there seems to be no official public acknowledgment from the developers. So, affected users can only wait for updates related to both issues.

To conclude, if new developments arise on the subject, we will update this article. So, stay tuned.

Featured Image: Samsung

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