[Update: Fix released] Fire Emblem Heroes app crashing when entering Grand Conquests event, issue under investigation

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Original story (published on January 13, 2021) follows:

Fire Emblem Heroes is the first installment of the iconic saga for mobile devices. The game is available for both Android and iOS and has been hugely successful since its launch in 2017.

Like other Fire Emblem versions on traditional consoles, Heroes is a tactical role game, but uses a free-to-play format to enhance its expansion.

That being said, in the last few days, Fire Emblem Heroes players have been reporting a crashing issue when trying to enter the Grand Conquests event and view friend lists (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

Fire Emblem Heroes crashing on Grand Conquests event

According to multiple reports, the Grand Conquests event in Fire Emblem Heroes is unplayable for many, as the game suffers from a crashing issue when trying to enter.

Oh thank god! Thought it was just me. FEH will randomly crash for me ever since I updated to the latest iOS. Well, I say randomly, but I can usually predict most of them; if someone calls me or if an alarm/reminder goes off. But it will still randomly crash. But this time, I can’t even go into grand conquest.


Glitchy mess

Does anyone know why is FEH so… broken? Last month especially; Elm’s weapon, crashing friend list, cropped interface, screwed dark mode, wrong skills’ description/usage, and now Grand Conquest. Is there something bigger going on, IS?

Edit: also male L!Byleth battle lmao

Edit2: also having less than max HP in baracks, and counterattacking without CC/DC

In addition to the above, there are issues with the friend list in Fire Emblem Heroes. These cause that filters can’t be applied to friend units in a search, while in more serious cases, the game crashes.


Issue already under investigation

The developers of Fire Emblem Heroes confirmed through their Twitter account that they are already aware of the crashing issue. The matter is currently under investigation.

We have confirmed that the app is crashing upon entering the ongoing Grand Conquests event. We are currently investigating the cause of this issue.
In the meantime, we ask you to refrain from tapping on the event banner.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The company has not yet offered an estimated arrival date for a fix. So, for the moment, the affected players can only wait for official updates about it.

Once new developments arise on this matter, we will update this article with the relevant information to keep you informed.

Update 1 (January 14)

01:57 pm (IST): The game’s social media team confirmed that a new update is rolling out as version 6.1.1 to address a couple of issues including the game crashing bug when using the Friends List.

Ver. 6.1.1 is now available. This update addresses the following:
・Crashes occurring on the Friend List
・Visual issues for certain Android devices

Note: You cannot compete in Summoner Duels matches against players using Ver. 6.1.0 if you are using Ver. 6.1.1, and vice versa. (Source)

Featured Image: Nintendo

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