Wyze motion events randomly stop detecting (except on SD card) & randomly start again? You aren't alone

The Seattle-based smart home device manufacturer Wyze is known for its state-of-the-art camera lineup. However, Wyze devices have been making news in the last few months for all the wrong reasons.

In November last year, Wyze cam owners reported that the person detection was not working while others said that they were not getting notifications after updating to the latest version of the app.


Having said that, it looks like Wyze users are now experiencing another issue where motion detection randomly stops working. Device owners say that the 12 seconds clip on the events page is missing.

But if they go to the playback section and wait a few minutes, the motion events are recorded on the SD card. This is really annoying for those who want to keep tabs on their home remotely.

Many said they have already tried restarting their camera with even resetting their devices but nothing seems to help right now since the problem starts again in a few hours.


Just thought I add more recent experience. It’s now been 8 days (8:13PM on 8/10/21) since receiving the last motion event notification from my V2 – with absolutely none since then. And before anyone asks there are literally hundreds of motion events captured on the local SD card. Camera has been off/on/off/on cycled via the app so many times I can’t even begin to guess how many that might be. Likewise with removing/restoring power by unplugging the power cord. Certainly glad I have other manufacturer’s cameras covering the same area that send proper notifications.

Can’t speak for anyone else but in my case I’ve gone as long as 13 days without anything logged under the ‘events’ tab for any day but there are hundreds of video clips on the SD card for the same period. It’s not a usability bug, but rather a problem on the Wyze server side.

With some reports dating back to August, users are frustrated and wondering why Wyze is taking so long to fix such a critical issue.

Also, it looks like this is not the first time users have complained about the issue. Some users say that they faced the same problem in the past and that the events tab started working on its own after some time.

Nothing new, this kind of thing has been going on for a long time – motion events randomly stop being captured (except on the local SD card) and just as randomly start again. No amount of intervention has any effect, you just have to wait around until it mysteriously decides to start working again just as it mysteriously decided to stop.

We hope Wyze soon finds out the root cause of the issue and fixes it via a software or firmware update.

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Featured image source: Wyze

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