Google Phone app call screen quality feedback notification issue ('Help us improve') frustrating some Pixel users

If you are someone who already owns a Pixel device, you must be familiar with the Google Phone app. The dialer app that features a user-friendly interface and is packed with several nifty features.

Compatible with Android 7.0 and above, it is downloadable on a large number of devices. But as is the case with most apps, the Google Phone app is prone to bugs and issues.

Google Phone app’s in-call UI

Recently, Google said that they disabled the Hold for Me and Call Screen feature due to a bug with the December update.

And now, reports (1,2,3) from Google Phone app users suggest that many of them are annoyed by a quality feedback notification that pops up every time they use the Call Screen feature.

Many say that they provided the feedback the first time it popped up but the notification seems to be asking them after the end of every call, which is frustrating at best.


After every call I am prompted with “Help Us Improve – Send Google feedback about your Call Screen call”. I can see occasionally prompting us for feedback, but since I got my Pixel 6 Pro I receive this prompt after every call. Also, even though I have all of the call screening options set to their strictest settings, 85% of the calls are still SPAM. Fi Support told me there is no way to stop getting these surveys and suggested that maybe after submitting a few they would go away. They haven’t. I know it’s just a minor annoyance. Are other people experiencing this as well?

How to stop call screening from asking me for quality feedback via notification EVERY SINGLE TIME?? I just want google to stop asking me about the quality of screened calls via notification every single time. Kind of defeats the purpose of not being disturbed by spam calls only to get a notification every time. I gave feedback once in hope that would stop future asks, and I have looked through every menu I can think of for an off setting. I restart at least 1x per day and I’ve tried clearing cache to no avail. Please help or I’ll have to go back to a third party option like I used on my previous phone.

Some say that this entirely defeats the purpose of the call screen feature since they have to deal with Google’s notification afterward.

Others said that they might look to a third-party solution until the developers come up with a way to disable the Google Phone app quality feedback notification.

And while Google is yet to comment on the matter, some users have shared a bunch of workarounds that might help disable the Google Phone app quality feedback notification.

The first one requires users to download a paid app called Buzzkill and set up a rule to automatically remove the notification from the notification history and shade.

The second workaround suggests disabling the direct my call feature.


We hope Google gives Phone app users a way to opt out of this annoying quality feedback notification in a future version of the app.

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