After acquiring Nest back in 2014, Google has released several products under the Google Nest brand name some of which include smart displays, smart speakers, and thermostats amongst others.

In the last few years, Google has significantly improved its virtual assistant and added numerous features that help you complete actions using voice search.


As a result, many prefer a Google Assistant-powered smart display like the Google Nest Hub. That being said, users recently reported an issue where Nest Hub and Hub Max won’t turn on for some.

And now, it looks like another issue has surfaced. Many are now saying that they are unable to set a timer on their Google Home and Nest Hub.

Google Nest Hub and Google Home owners said they tried rebooting and resetting their devices but it did not help fix the issue.


Hello, I have the Google Nest Audio device for a few months after less a week to from the purchase the device has no longer allowed to set, timers, alarms and reminders … he always tells me to try again later. I made several reboots and resets, also following your advice… but nothing, the problem persists. I am trying to contact customer service but the site does not allow me to call you. I’m quite disappointed.

Hello, Ik have thé same problem. Nest can not set a timer, if i use thé correct frase ( hey Google set a timer for X minuten) it reply’s with ”i can not set a timer at this moment, please try again in a few seconds” device is powered on, and connected, thé weird part is, my nest hub and nest mini have thé same problem. If i move them to an other ”house” in thé Google home app they both work…. If i change rooms they keep thé problem. So there is something ”wrong” with my ”house” but i can not figure out what…. Any advice?

While Google is yet to acknowledge the issue, users have suggested some workarounds that might help fix the bug.

The first one involves confirming the address within the Home app, while the other one suggests creating a new home from within the Google Home app and adding devices to that home.

Apart from the timer issue, Google Nest Hub users are reporting another issue where their device suggests ungrammatical options for ‘Other things that you can try’.

You can see in the image below how these options look like for some.

Click/tap to enlarge image (Source)

Google Assistant is still the best of the three big ones IMO but man has it gone downhill in the last couple of years. I used to have 5-6 of these in my house and I just ended up giving them away because it could no longer follow simple commands. At one point “set a timer for 4 minutes and 30 seconds” somehow became “set an alarm for 4:30am” and I couldn’t take it anymore.

Once again, Google is yet to say anything on the matter, so it is still unclear when the grammatical errors will be fixed.

Nonetheless, we will be keeping an eye out on the Google Home and Nest Hub issues where users are unable to set timer and getting ungrammatical options so stay tuned for updates.

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