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Destiny 2, the FPS action-MMO game, recently received an update that brought a set of modifications, bug fixes and other optimizations to refine the experience.

But, it seems that the update also brought with it an unexpected additional problem for the players. According to multiple reports, the finishers are not working properly to kill enemies.

Apparently, now the enemies in Destiny 2 are able to survive multiple finishers. Then, they just reappear very close a few seconds later.

Destiny 2 enemies survive multiple finishers, reappear almost instantly

The most recent update of the game is v3.4.0.1, the rollout of which started in mid-December 2021. This reportedly brought the new issues during matches.

Destiny 2 player reports agree that there is a bug that allows enemy champions to survive finishers, respawning almost instantly with the same amount of health they had before receiving the finisher.

Anyone experiencing champions mysteriously reappearing after you kill them?

This happened multiple time this week. Kill a champion, and they reappear a second later with the same amount of HP that they had before we used the finisher on them.

Even the Wyverns in the Perdition lost sector are reappearing after death.

[edit] I should add, that this is happening when I use a finisher to kill an enemy.

Enemies are now able to survive multiple finishers and come back from the dead. [Bug Report]

It seems since the dawning update enemies have been able to survive multiple finishers and even come back from the dead after being finished. Things like internet speed, certain activities, frame rate or whatever finisher you seem to be using don’t seem to effect this. It seems to just be completely random from my testing. Source

Another derived bug: weapon duplication

There is another glitch reported by players that started to occur around the most recent update of Destiny 2. However, it is much less frequent than the ‘finishers bug’.

According to some reports, you can take advantage of the finishers prior. At the moment the enemy returns instantly, the drop can be used to duplicate certain weapons in the game.

This bug can sometimes (but rarely) allow for people to have multiple scorch cannons within the GoA dungeon it seems that even if the enemy comes back to life (after being finished) the scorch cannon will sometimes(however not always) drop and continue to remain resulting in the duplication of the cannon.

At the moment, there does not appear to be an official acknowledgment of the bugs by Bungie. It ony remains to wait for new official updates that appear in the next few days.

Finally, we will be aware of related developments to update this article with the most recent events. So, stay tuned with us.

Update 1 (January 12)

12:51 pm (IST): Some players pointed out that the 30th Anniversary update that might have caused a significant increase in the desynchronization of enemy health values between the client and server may be responsible for this bug.

However, the root cause of this issue where Finishers fail to kill an enemy is still unknown.

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