Google Nest app on iOS crashing every few minutes, slow or video loading continuously without success

Google Nest app is the tool through which Nest devices have been controlled in recent years. However, Google is slowly leaving it behind in favor of the Google Home app looking to the future.

Considering the above, the Nest app seems to be being a bit neglected by the company. This is reflected in the many issues that iOS device users are experiencing, without solution in sight.

According to multiple reports, Google Nest app on iOS suffers from various glitches like crashing or freezing, very slow video, or video loading continuously without success (1, 2, 3).

Google Nest app crashing or freezing on iOS devices

On the problem of crashing or freezing, a user describes the experience in detail. First, the Google Nest app does not correctly detect when users are at their homes.

For a LONG time now I’ve been BEYOND frustrated with this nest app! It USED to work fine last year… but this year it’s driving me MAD!? I’ll open the app on my phone, I’ll log me in. SOMETIMES it says I’m Away even tho I’m IN the house and even IN the same room!? I have it setup to “see” my iPhone to know when I’m home.

Then, the same report continues describing how the app ends up crashing or freezing after an error message, that only leads the users to restart the process in a loop.

ALSO the even more pain in the butt part is the fact that I only get about 10 seconds to “do” anything I want or need to do before it boots me off to the blue screen that says:

There was a problem connecting to your Nest Service. Try again in a few minutes. And there’s the “Try Again” button below it.

And sign out option below that. I click on the try again… and same thing. Logs me to my thermostat controls for about 10 seconds before same boot out!

Slow video, login glitch and perpetual video loading issues

Another problem in the Nest app for iOS is related to slow video playback. Apparently, the video streamed from the Nest cameras plays at an extremely low fps rate.

Nest iOS app playback extremely slow when on a call

Basically what the title says, I tried to watch my nest cams today while on a conference call, and they were moving at like .0005 fps. I then started testing with other kinds of calls like Teams or Zoom, etc. and all of them caused the same effect, that the nest cams playback EXTREMELY slow.

Then there is an issue of bad performance and continuously video loading. For some users, the performance in the app is extremely slow, and the camera video keeps loading perpetually without any success.


Finally, there is also a frustrating login issue. This results in users having to constantly log into the Nest app. However, this reportedly doesn’t happen in the Google Home app.


At the moment, there is no official acknowledgment of the problems described in this article. If related updates arise in the next few days, we will add the new pertinent information to keep you informed.

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