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Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the most visually stunning game that in recent times. With a map spanning the entirety of globe, the game allows players to fly airplanes anywhere they want.

Players and critiques have praised the game for its photorealistic graphics and vast open world gameplay. But issues like the game crashing or mouse cursor randomly disappearing have affected the gameplay experience for many.


It also features a Live Weather system that synchronizes the weather of a place with the in-game weather.

But according to recent user reports, it looks like the Microsoft Flight Simulator Live Weather is causing performance issues or causing crashes.

Players say that whenever they enable live weather, the game randomly crashes to desktop with some saying that it is causing severe fps drop, lag and stutter.

Many thought that the problem was with their copy of the game, but soon realized that the issue was widespread and affecting several players.


Yes. Last night I had my first CTD in about 4 months when entering the approach at ZWWW after a 3 hour flight in the A32N. First the frame rate started to drop for a period of about 5 minutes and nothing I changed in settings could get rid of that (like flipping off/on live traffic, a trick from the past), then it eventually choked and CTD.

I was experiencing the stuttering earlier today due to an issue with the Live Weather. Luckily I saved my flight midway. Of course, the sim finally crashed. Now here’s something weird. I reloaded my flight, but several issues happened: One it seemed that I became a VFR flight, so I asked for clearance for IFR, which went ok.

Fortunately, MSFS Support has acknowledged the issue and said that they are aware of Live weather causing performance degradation and crashes. They also shared a temporary workaround that involves using the pre-set weather.

But since there was no timeframe mentioned on when the bug will be fixed, it is still unclear how long it will take for Live Weather to start working as intended.

We are aware of an issue where Live Weather is not currently working correctly. Additionally, we have received reports that starting a flight with Live Weather enabled may result in performance decreases and crashes. As a temporary work-around, we suggest using pre-set weather.

If you are waiting for a fix, make sure to keep checking this space for more information, since we will be updating this article when Asobo patches the Flight Simulator Live Weather issue.

Update 1 (January 5)

05:00 pm (IST): Microsoft Flight Simulator support confirmed that the issue with Live Weather has been addressed.

The previous issue with Live Weather is now resolved. Happy flying! (Source)

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Featured image source: Flight Simulator

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