[Update: Jan. 04] Netflix Dolby Atmos streaming issues on Apple TV 4K still pressing on months down the line

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Original story (published on February 10, 2020) follows:

Netflix launched Dolby Atmos in the summer of 2017, but support on the Apple 4K TV app arrived in September 2018. This feature came as part of the update to tvOS 12.

But even with support for Dolby Atmos in the Netflix app, you still need an Atmos-capable AV receiver or soundbar with surround speakers to enjoy the best Dolby Atmos sound while watching Atmos content on Apple TV 4K.

Besides Netflix, the Apple TV 4K also has Atmos content from Apple TV+, Walmart’s Vudu and Amazon Prime Video. However, for months now, Netflix subscribers streaming Atmos content on Apple TV have had to deal with annoying dropping/disconnecting audio from time to time.


Hi. Just wondering if anyone had issues with Dolby Atmos titles on Netflix. I’m running Apple TV 4K through a Denon receiver. The audio seems to flicker randomly from one speaker to another. Not constant but every few mins or so. When I watch films through iTunes on the same Apple TV they are perfect.

I have this exact same problem… the Center speaker where the dialogue comes out, intermittently plays through the rear speakers then back to normal. can’t find any solution, nor is there anyone with similar issues online!

All three statements above (including the screenshot) were made within days of each other back in mid-October 2019. Following up on the thread made in AVForums, we have cases from as recent as today citing the same issues with the Netflix app on Apple TV 4K units.


What this essentially means is that no fix has been pushed forward yet. Even more interesting is the conversation shared between an affected Netflix subscriber and Netflix support, where she suggests the issue is likely due to your soundbar or AV receiver.

As i checked for that brand if its compatible with Dolby Atmos on Netflix and we are not getting any results. Possible that it is not supported so we recommend for you to consider contacting your device manufacturer for more information if your device is supported or not for Netflix service….not all external speaker are supported with Dolby Atmos on Netflix.

So, according to Netflix support, the issue is likely stemming from your audio device’s inability to handle Netflix Dolby Atmos audio. This is strange considering that streaming Atmos content from other sources isn’t affected at all, which seems to imply that this is a Netflix issue.

When asked whether a future software update could be pushed to address this issue, Netflix’s support could not guarantee anything.

Regarding future updates, that we could not guarantee but again i will take this as a feedback instead.

As it stands, it seems no one is willing to take the blame, but with fresh reports continuing to show up, maybe someone will, eventually. We will let you know as and when we get news.

Update 1 (January 04)

01:32 pm (IST): Several users are now reporting Netlflix Dolby Atmos streaming issues with Apple TV 4K 2021 models. It seems that the issue still persists with the new Apple TV models.

The affected users took to the Apple community forum to raise their complaints, however, Apple has not yet acknowledged this issue.

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