[Updated] Huawei Health apparently getting blocked from connecting to Google Fit app to prevent access to sensitive info

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Original story (published on November 18, 2021) follows:

Huawei Health from HUAWEI is the company’s proprietary app that allows users to connect their smartwatches and fitness trackers with their product lineup. Unlike other apps, it offers health, sleep and stress tracking functionalities amongst many more.

It is also able to connect with third-party apps like Samsung Health, Strava, and Google Fit. For quite some time, users have loved the ability to sync data from their Huawei devices to other apps, especially Google Fit.


However, many users are now reporting that they are getting blocked whenever they try to connect the Google Fit app to their smart band or smartwatch.

Instead, some are greeted with an error that says “This app is blocked” followed by a ‘The app tried to access sensitive info in your Google Account. To keep your account safe, Google has blocked this access.’

It is really frustrating for those who use Huawei products on a regular basis since they are no longer able to check up on how much they have worked out using their preferred application. You can see for yourself in the image below.


@Google my Google fit app blocked huawei health hence I can’t sync them anymore!! Help

Same issue as the person above, Google is blocking data sync and does not give me an option to allow it. ım from turkey . same problem 🙁

Users said they tried reinstalling the app but the error message still pops up. Moreover, a Platinum Product Expert pointed out that the Huawei Health app hasn’t been updated since July 2020, which might be the reason why it is no longer working with Google Fit.

That sounds like Huawei still hasn’t updated their app to comply with the restrictions Google announced in October 2020. Huawei needs to comply with the new policy so that their app will be allowed to interface with the Google Fit API again. Please reach out to Huawei to request that they do so. Again, the fix will have to come from Huawei.

But some said that they were able to get it working by creating a new Google account. It is also interesting to note that Huawei now updates its Health app through the Huawei App Gallery since it can no longer use the Google Play Store.

Since it is still unclear why the link is broken for some, users are unable to sync Huawei Health with Google Fit. We hope Google and Huawei resolves the issue soon so users can once again sync their fitness data without hassles.

In the meantime, we’ll keep an active track of the developments on this one and update the story, as and when required.

Update 1 (November 29)

05:39 pm (IST): One individual suggest using third-party apps such as Health Sync to link and sync information between the Huawei Health and Google Fit apps.

To solve it, use the third party app (health sync) to link n sync between Huawei health and Google fit. (Source)

Update 2 (January 04)

04:04 pm (IST): According to one of the affected users, the health developers said that the Huawei Health app will no long support syncing data to Google Fit.

Due to business cooperation reasons, the Huawei Health app will no longer support syncing data to Google Fit. Thank you for your attention and support for the app, and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused. (Source)

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Featured image source: Huawei

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