[Update: Jan. 04] COD Warzone Rebirth Resurgence Quads desperately awaited

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Original story (published on December 29, 2021) follows:

Last year, Activision added the second battle royale to the popular Call of Duty franchise called Warzone. It is based on the IW 8.0 engine and is developed by Raven Software.

Apart from the fast-paced gameplay, Warzone is known for its bugs with new issues popping up every once in a while. In fact, there are some many issues that we have created a dedicated COD Warzone bug tracker.


In case you are unaware, Raven Software often mixes up the playlist that adds certain game modes while removing others.

While this ensures that the game feels fresh, some modes such as Rebirth Resurgence Trios. A few days, the developers made the Rebirth Resurgence Quads available while they were investigating an issue with the Trios.

But the Rebirth Resurgence Quads available mode was added to Vanguard and not Warzone. Many players are now demanding that they add back the Rebirth Resurgence Quads to COD Warzone.


Here is what some Warzone players have to say:

I was so happy yesterday night to hop on Rebirth now that I’m on holiday break from work and finally have more time. Only to discover it’s rebirth duos only for a full week… I can tollerate trios… But duos? Are you serious? What’s the point in having 1 team mate in a game mode where you only spawn back if a team mate is alive? Please add quads or even trios back… Verdansk was way too slow for me, except in the rare occasions when buy back modes were active. Caldera unfortunately is even slower…

@RavenSoftware @SHGames @CallofDuty Bring back Rebirth Quads No One wants vanguard resurgence pls just bring back rebirth quads Ima Stay In Bo4 Until it comes back so pls bring it back

Some are even demanding that the developers should make the Rebirth Resurgence Quad mode permanent. As it turns out, Raven Software seems to be listening to its player base and said that they will be bringing it back next week.

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In the meantime, if you want to play Rebirth Resurgence Quads in Warzone, make sure to watch the video below to see how you can find some private matches.

A simple search on Twitch with the search term “Rebirth Quad Custom” might help you find some lobbies. Keep in mind that you will need at least 24 players to start the game mode, so it might take a while.

Also, do let us know if you are waiting for Rebirth Resurgence Quads to come back in Warzone by leaving your thoughts in the comment section below.

Update 1 (December 30)

IST 11:13 am: Finally, we have timelines for when this Rebirth Resurgence Quads is set to drop. Reports now have it that it will go live today and run till January 6th.

rebirth island quads

IST 2:30 pm: Many Warzone players are now asking Raven Software to make Rebirth Resurgence a permanent game mode. While Quads and Trios are popular, it looks like they have mixed feelings about Duos. More on that here.

Update 2 (December 31)

IST 11:55 am: Day 15 of Festive Fervor is currently ongoing as announced by Raven Software on Twitter yesterday. Once it ends, if things go according to plan, we should see Rebirth Resurgence Quads enabled for a limited amount of time next.

Update 3 (January 01)

IST 01:56 pm: Some gamers reported (1, 2, 3)that the Rebirth Island Quads in COD: Warzone is back now. However, the official confirmation over the same is awaited.

Update 4 (January 04)

IST 10:00 am: Sledgehammer Games announced that their break is finally over and that they will be updating the game more frequently starting this week.

Thank you for your patience while we were working behind the scenes. You can expect more frequent updates now that we’re back, with more to come this week

We hope Raven Software follows in their footsteps and starts working on resolving bugs and glitches affecting Warzone.

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