Motorola Edge 20 Pro camera processing & poor image quality issues surface; Edge 20 Lite or Fusion random reboot bug being looked into

The Motorola Edge 20 series of smartphones was launched in mid-2021. It includes the Motorola Edge 20 Pro and Motorola Edge 20 Lite, as well as the standard Motorola Edge 20.

The Motorola Edge 20 Pro was the brand’s most premium phone before the recent launch of the Edge X30. It offers very good features, among which the company highlighted its photographic section.

But, the users of the device are not very in agreement with those affirmations. According to multiple reports, the camera processing on the Motorola Edge 20 Pro generates photos with poor image quality.

In addition to the above, the users of the most affordable in the family could also be facing issues. Apparently, the Motorola Edge 20 Lite and Edge 20 Fusion suffer from a random reboot bug.

Motorola Edge 20 Pro reportedly bad camera processing with poor image quality

Multiple reports from users of the Motorola Edge 20 Pro agree that the device’s camera processing is not at the level of its range. This is especially noticeable in indoor settings and when there is low light.

I purchased the Edge 20 pro recently. While its amazing in most of the aspects , camera needs real improvements.

1) What I see is that the processing is not at all good, particularly with indoor and low light situations. Pictures look very noisy and lack details. Its very prone to blurry pictures as well.
2) In night mode, it gets into a long “processing” time.
3) 5x camera seems to struggle to grab focus in low light and starts hunting a lot.
4) Portrait mode is lacking in the 5x camera and wide angle.
5) 4k panning seems to be skipping frames in between. It doesn’t pan smoothly.

In addition to the above, the night mode takes a long time to process the photo, although the result is not that great. Also, there are issues with the focus system, and frame drops during panning (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8).


It should be noted that, after a recent update, the quality of the camera on the device improved a bit, as did its fluidity and performance while zooming.

The camera quality has improved as well and the 5x zoom is pretty good now. Earlier it was impossible to use the 5x zoom as there was lot of lag between moving the camera and the screen viewfinder update.

Regardless, the overall quality of the camera is still insufficient, and related complaints keep popping up. Apparently, it still needs to improve to be a true ‘flagship camera’.


Motorola Edge 20 Lite or Fusion random reboot bug

The Motorola Edge 20 Lite and Edge 20 Fusion are practically identical smartphones. The difference is in their chipsets (Dimensity 800U vs Dimensity 720) and the amount of RAM.

Having said the above, both devices are suffering from a random reboot bug. This could happen at any time, suddenly and for no apparent reason.

Hi , there today my phone restarted automatically …I was using whatsapp but then , it suddenly restarted, don’t know what happened ….can anyone tell


However, Motorola is already aware of the annoying bug. This was confirmed by an administrator of the brand’s support forum in mid-December 2021.


At the moment, it only remains to wait for updates related to the subject. Finally, if there is any in the coming days, we will update this article.

Featured Image: Motorola

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