Forza Horizon 5 gift cars bug where gifts cannot be claimed or disappear troubles players

Recently, Forza Horizon 5 players have been facing some issues related to the Secret Santa Challenge that has been running since December 2021.

The Secret Santa Challenge is an event to celebrate the Christmas season, and is based on giving cars to other players until they achieve a goal that will unlock a special car.

But, there seems to be a bug where the ‘gift cars’ feature in Forza Horizon 5 is not working properly. According to multiple reports, these cannot be claimed or do not appear (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7).

Forza Horizon 5 bug where ‘gift card’ is not working properly

Reports from affected players describe the same situation. They receive a gift notification, but when trying to find it, they cannot.

Hey guys just checking in on this bug.

I have gotten alot of gift cars lately but I cannot claim them. I show up to the barn it says the car is at, but when I get there I can only send a gift. Cant claim anything.

Idk if its from the constant disconnects from Forza Life, It has happened after a disconnect and even when I was at the airport strip and it said I had a gift car. Got to that barn in 10 seconds and no car.

The gift car should be obtainable upon reaching a certain location on the map. However, when the player gets there, they can’t find it. In addition, for some, the location of the gift does not even appear on the map.

I got a gift, where is it?

I recently got one of those barn gifts from someone and I can’t find the barn where the gift is on the map, where could it be? It told me I got a gift and I clicked to check the map but then I kind of forgot what I was doing and now I can’t see which barn has the gift in it.

Secret Santa Challenge tracking is reportedly stuck

Previous reports seem to indicate that many gifted cars are ‘disappearing’ rather than reaching their intended recipients. So, this could bring another derived problem.

As mentioned at the beginning, by gifting enough cars, the players will receive a special car. This is determined by a progress bar that fills up as more cars are given away.

But, because many gifts are not being received correctly, the progress bar remains ‘stuck’. This means that no one could have received the special car yet.

Secret santa tracking

I just saw a post that stated that you can only gift one car a week and one on Christmas and one on new years. That’s why it seems like the bar doesn’t move even after massive gift drops. I agree that this should’ve been more clear in the beginning. Now for the other issue, we seem to have met the goal but myself and others have still not received the final car.

At the moment, there seems to be no official acknowledgment from the developers. So, it only remains to wait for official updates related to the matter.

Finally, if there is any new development on these reported issues, we will update this article with the relevant information.

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