Magic the Gathering: Arena (also known as MTG Arena, developed by Wizards of the Coast) is a free-to-play version of the collectible card game saga. It is available on PC, mac and smartphones (Android/iOS).

As is to be expected in a game of this style, the multiplayer section is one of its most critical points. But, it seems that this feature is not working properly for many.

According to multiple reports, the MTG Arena Historic Brawl Direct challenge is broken or not working, since players cannot challenge their friends to a match (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12).

Magic the Gathering: Arena (MTG Arena) Historic Brawl Direct challenge broken

MTG Arena players report that, since a recent update, they have not been able to invite a friend for a match in the Historic Brawl Direct challenge.

Historic Brawl Direct Challenge Broken

I think the direct challenge for brawl is broken. I tried challenging a friend today in historic brawl and there was multiple bugs in the challenge that was sent. My friends challenge showed up as a 60 card match, my brawl deck was invalid due to the new Alchemy cards, but become invalid after I removed them and also then broke my deck, as I was unable to remove these non-alchemy versions afterwards.

will direct challenge ever be fixed?

Spent the past half an hour trying to have a friendly brawl game with someone i know. The friendslist challenge doesnt work, you try using direct challenge they dont get the notification, and if you try to q against eachother via direct challenge it puts you both in a different version of the lobby screen. How can a game in 2021 have such a basic function as a friendlist and somehow make it not work

There is a workaround that resolves the issue

At the moment, there does not seem to be an official acknowledgment from the developers of the game. But, there is a workaround that reportedly helps to solve the problem, awaiting an official solution.

They broke it (again) with the last patch (The ‘old’ system is still functioning):

click on the Swords top right
select deck type
insert friends handle with #12345 (his number)
select deck
Your friend must do the same, and select the same deck type.

Tested with brawl, with regular, historic and friendly brawl decks with 60 and 100+ cards.


In the meantime, players can only wait for new updates related to the matter. Finally, we will update this article if new developments arise on the subject in the next few days.

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