Brawl Stars Duels bug: Exploiters or abusers could suffer "biggest offenders" ban

Brawl Stars is a game developed by Supercell (creators of Clash of Clans) for mobile devices that is based on frenzied 3 vs 3 online battles against other players’ teams.

However, in the last few days, Brawl Stars players have been reporting that there is a bug in Duels mode, which many players are exploiting (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

The bug in question allows players to easily ‘grind’ a large number of cups, and results in level 1 characters appearing, but with a huge number of cups won (1, 2, 3).

Some Brawl Stars players are exploiting Duels bug to farm cups

Multiple reports from Brawl Stars players indicate that duels are riddled with bots. These bots are used to obtain the large number of cups quickly and almost effortlessly.

Is duel bugged or full of bots?

Today I decided to check out Duel, so I started playing. It’s fun, but I noticed that after losing one brawler, the opponent just gives up and goes to my side of the arena to game-end yourself. I’ve also noticed that brawlers just act idle when they have no sight of me. They don’t check bushes, they don’t try to hide themselves to ambush me. They just wander on the right side of the map?


According to reports, the bug in duels is based on setting a brawler (the game characters) with a very low amount of cups on the team and making it face the bots that the duel mode is full of.

one person take one brawler that has 8 trophies into duels and face against bots. No matter how many trophies the other 2 brawlers have.

people abuse this bug/exploit to get easy rank 35s. And achieve #1 on leaderboards on that specific brawler that they pushed

These bots reportedly die easily due to their erratic behavior that makes them weak and uncompetitive. So, the brawler with few cups on the team will win many pretty quickly.

‘Biggest offenders’ could be banned

It should be noted that, currently, the development team is aware of the reported bug. This is directly confirmed by a Supercell community manager via Twitter.

The tweet also reveals that the biggest offenders (those who most exploit or abuse the bug for their benefit) could receive a ban in the near future.

Yeah… I wouldn’t encourage people to abuse a glitch that actually hurt the game/leaderboards… abusing an exploit such as this one will most likely get the biggest offenders banned.

However, the same Supercell community manager also confirms that the team is discussing the steps to take in the situation. So, the ban is not decided yet, but it is among the possibilities.


At the moment, players can only wait for Supercell to decide what to do with respect to the exploiters of the duels mode bug. Finally, when new updates appear on the matter, we will update this article.

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