[Updated] Star Wars Battlefront II hackers exploit 1HP (no kills or death) bug to make game unplayable, players urge EA to fix

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Original story (published on December 18, 2021) follows:

Based on the popular franchise, Star Wars Battlefront II is the fourth installment in the series. Released in 2017, it is developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts.

The game received mixed reviews upon release and features both single-player campaigns in addition to a multiplayer mode. One of the biggest reasons why the game is hated by many is because of EA’s decision to include loot boxes, which offered a huge advantage over others.


Eventually, EA removed microtransactions from the game, after their response on the matter became the most downvoted comment in the history of Reddit. Unsurprisingly, the game has been updated with new content in the form of characters and cosmetics.

But some of these updates often cause trouble for players. But now Star Wars Battlefront II players are complaining that hackers often take over the lobby. Players say they are making the game unplayable.


I don’t mean the hackers. Can’t do much about a bunch of neglected neckbeards, I’m not their family, if they have one. I’m talking about EA. Do we have an expert in law here that can tell if it’s possibile to actually sue them? Or can we have another perfect shitstorm, After that famous “most downvoted comment in Reddit”? I mean bad publicity Is not always good for a company and that time it turned out to be the case. Lets just shit again on a shit company.

@EAStarWars you guys gonna fix battlefront 2 hackers and invincible characters? Getting pretty much impossible to play the game now. Still haven’t seen anything about the situation from you all

And as if that wasn’t enough to kill the game, Star Wars Battlefront II players are reporting about the 1hp bug is wreaking havoc.

Many say hackers are using it and causing several lobbies to become completely unplayable since no one dies or gets any kills. Players say they tried jumping into the void but that isn’t working either.

Twice within the span of a week I have joined a game where nobody can die. People fire at each other, try to kill each other, their health goes down, they do not die. You can run around the map outside of the usual boundaries and you will not die. Is this because someone was cheating when the game began and it glitched, or is it a strange bug that happens occasionally? I’ve been playing the game for two years now and never saw it before – last week on the Death Star map another player said they’d seen it happen before.

So I don’t know if this is a thing that happens often but recently I was playing a game of HVV and there was a Chewbacca on the other team that wouldn’t take any damage or just had a ton of bonus health. I thought that maybe it was just lag but I when I force chocked him and hit him with a saber through he still didn’t take any damage.

Here is what EA Support had to say on the matter.

Hey there, Nashiktal. Thanks for the feedback about Star Wars Battlefront II. We’re not currently tracking any known issue on this. If you can link me to the discussions on the forums, I”ll reach out to our team to let them know. — Bruce

With EA yet to acknowledge the Star Wars Battlefront II 1hp glitch, it still remains unknown when the game will be playable again. Rest assured, we will be keeping an eye on the issue and update this space as and when required.

Update 1 (December 21)

05:20 pm (IST): In hopes to get EA’s attention, some players have now begun reporting the game on Steam as a ‘Broken’. A Reddit thread asking users to report the game that was created 2 days ago has amassed over 2,700 upvotes.

Unfortunately, EA still appears to be obvious to the problem as there’s still no public statement or acknowledgement about the situation with hackers or exploits in the game.

Update 2 (December 29)

2:12 pm (IST): An EA Community SPecialist has since come out to acknowledge this bug, saying that there isn’t any new info yet.

Would just like to make it known that we are aware of the issues going on within and around the game right now, I, unfortunately, don’t have any further updates but please know that it’s on the radar.
Sorry for the inconvenience folks,

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