If you ever owned a laptop, chances are pretty high you must have heard of the business-oriented laptop lineup by Lenovo called ThinkPad.

These devices have a boxy design and feature a red-colored analog stick called Trackpoint that can be used to perform various actions such as imitate cursor movement and simulate mouse clicks.


On most ThinkPads, these can be found between the G, H, and B keys with the mouse buttons places just below the space button.

However, according to recent reports from ThinkPad users, the Trackpoint randomly freezes or stops working entirely. Many say that they they tried updating their drivers but it makes no difference.


Hi, I have been using Lenovo Thinkpad laptops for the past 15 years and love them. That being said, I recently bought a brand new T14 laptop a few weeks ago and ever since getting it I have noticed that after a period of using the laptop, the TrackPoint will abruptly stop working. So far, all of my drivers/ software has been updated, and I haven’t installed much new software on the computer. The TouchPad works fine, but I prefer to use the Trackpoint. I have been circumventing the problem by restarting the computer, or using a mouse / the touchpad, but I’d prefer using what I am used to. Has anyone else run into this issue with the T14?

Hi,I have a Lenovo E15 Windows 10 Pro (fully updated) and I use Photoshop and Lightroom extensively. Personally I don’t like the Trackpad so it’s disabled and I use only the Trackpoint (and the 3 keys below it). Occasionally when I use Lightroom the Trackpoint suddenly freezes and stops responding. I have no idea what is causing it, I can still use the keyboard and even enable the Trackpad, which works. Though in order to get the Trackpoint to work again I need to restart the laptop. I’d appreciate any advice on this issue as it’s really annoying when it suddenly happens.

Users suggest that putting their ThinkPad to sleep and waking it up or rebooting the PC makes the TrackPoint work again, indicating that the problem is not hardware-related bug.

Fortunately, a user said that they have created a workaround that fixes the ThinkPad TrackPoint issue.

Unfortunately, this is a known problem that Lenovo still has not fixed. The community created a workaround available here:
Lenovo TrackPoint fix

With Lenovo yet to acknowledge the ThinkPad TrackPoint not working issue, it is still unclear how long users will have to live with the bug. When they release a fix, we will let you know so stay tuned.

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Featured image source: Lenovo

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