Twitch support acknowledges issue with updating stream info on iOS app & is working on a fix

Twitch is a successful live streaming service that initially focused on gaming content, but has extended its reach to almost all types of content for some time.

One of the reasons for the success of the platform is that allows direct interaction between users and streamers. In addition, Twitch is available for many platforms.

With the above in mind, Twitch offers an app for iOS devices as well. But, recently, its users are facing some issues that limit the possibilities of the app (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13).

Apparently, the situation would have started from the most recent update of the Twitch app for iOS that arrived this month.

Twitch app issue with updating stream info on iOS devices

According to multiple reports, Twitch app users on iOS are unable to edit the stream info. Therefore, they cannot modify parameters such as the category of the stream, and even the name of the game itself.

, Hey just to let you know with the app the dashboard doesn’t work when editing your stream. if you change or add category it goes blank and when you click save it said, “Empty fields are not allowed” and the app is fully updated.

My operating system I am using is IOS

twitch mobile app on my iPhone no longer lets me update the stream info. Keeps saying I have a blank game selection when in OBS Studio I don’t. Sometimes I’d like to update things before I stream when I’m away from my computer and I no longer have that ability.

When users affected by the bug try to modify an element in their stream, the box reportedly goes blank and, when selected, they receive the ‘Empty fields are not allowed’ error message.


Twitch developers are aware and working on a fix

The Twitch team confirmed that they are already aware of the reported issues. Currently, they were working on a fix, but there is no estimated arrival date for it.

Hey there, the mobile team is aware of the issue with updating streamer info and working on a fix, apologies for the inconvenience. As for Follower Emotes on mobile, the feature is still in beta, so Follower Emotes are only available on desktop as of now.

So, for the moment, affected users can only wait for new official pronouncements related to the matter to emerge to know when the app will work correctly again.

Rest assured, we will update this article if any related development comes up in the next few days to keep you up to date.

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