If you are someone who loves MMORPG games, you must have heard about New World, a video game published by Amazon Games. The game is based on a buy-to-play model and has microtransactions in the form of skins.

This is the same game that was allegedly causing some NVIDIA GPUs such as the RTX 3090 to brick during the beta days.


And like all recently released AAA titles, the game has had its fair share of bugs and issues that made the game unplayable at times or gave players an unfair advantage over others.

Gypsum Topaz drop

With that said, New World players are now reporting (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) an issue with the Topaz Gypsum potion. Many say that they are unable to collect the 10 drops. Players say that they are familiar with how it drops and haven’t missed any.

This is really frustrating for those who are grinding since there are only 10 Topaz Gypsum drops every day. Some tried verifying files and logging in again but that didn’t help either.


As a whole I love the Gypsum system. But Topaz really sucks. Everyone i know has had at least one issue with it. Here are the issues I’ve had with it: I got 8 Topaz in one day, must have missed two drops. No idea how though when you are fighting boars in a controlled area. The very next day I consumed a potion and from 1 hour I got exactly 1 Topaz. Ridiculous. How? Do I have too much luck And the best one was consuming the potion and not getting the buff. Just flat out nothing, enjoy the cooldown!

Just crafted my daily Topaz Gypsum Potion. Used it shortly after. Got a single topaz to drop within the first 2 minutes of using it. Didn’t get a single other topaz the remaining 58 minutes. I, a part of a 7 stack, ran through both the entirety of Eternal Pools and Siren’s Stand. We killed every single mob in both areas in this time window. One single topaz dropped. This needs to be reworked now.

Movement speed bug in war or OPR

In addition to the Gypsum Topaz bug, New World players say they are affected (1,2,3,4,5) by movement and speed bugs. While some say they run at more speed than usual, others say they are unable to move at all.


I got the movement bug in an opr, while in the opr I accidentally hit the Y key and noticed the excessive speed and that I was able to steer my character again. When interrupted the original movement bug resumes until hitting Y again. It seems it increases the speed every time I would hit a road or when it would trigger bloodlust without decreasing speed until interrupted.

@playnewworld Joined OPR as I was stuck in a movement bug, so I re-logged and I got BANNED for an hour?!? #banned Why were there no warnings? Like 1 warning then ban? What happens for crash or disconnect? #NewWorldMMO #streamer

Unfortunately, Amazon Games is yet to acknowledge the movement speed bugs and the issue with Topaz Gypsum. Nonetheless, we will be keeping an eye out on the matter and update this space as and when required.

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Featured image source: New World

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