Adobe aware of audio/video glitch when exporting H264 files from Premiere Pro or Media Encoder to NAS

If you are into video editing, you must have heard of or used Adobe Premiere Pro. For those unaware, it is a timeline-based video editing software that was first launched in 2003.

In the last few years, the software has gained massive popularity with the latest version released back in October of 2021. While Premiere Pro is pretty stable, some bugs and glitches do make their way through.


That being said, Premiere Pro users are now reporting an issue where exporting H264 files from the app to a NAS device makes the video stuck at the end of the file.

What’s interesting is that the app shows no errors during the export process. Moreover, other formats work just fine. This is really frustrating if you are someone who needs to share their work with others on the network.

Apparently, the issue surfaced with Premiere Pro v15 with the export function working just fine in 14.9 or earlier versions. Users say they have to export H264 files to a local drive then send them over the network.


When exporting an H264 MP4 (haven’t tried other codecs) from Premiere or Media Encoder using 2021 versions (tested 15.0, 15.2, 15.4 beta) to a shared storage volume connected using AFP (AppleShare), the last 5 seconds of any export image and audio glitches and freezes while the file continues the remaining seconds. The file itself doesn’t appear corrupt but the video content isn’t complete. Premiere 14.9 works and all previous versions. Connecting using SMB works. Exporting local works.

When i export any clips, mp4 mov etc… Premiere will say “export successful etc…” but when you play back the exported clip it always stops about halfway through and goes silent/black. I’ve now had this across 3 seperate projects working with various media so I don’t think it’s a media issue. Have also tried exporting via media encoder with limited success. All of these projects export fine in Premiere v14 Any idea whats going on?

With some reports dating back months, it looks like it’s been a while since the H264 export issue has been affecting users.

Fortunately, Adobe Care has shed some light on the matter and said they are aware of the issue where exporting files from Premiere Pro to a network share causes the H264 file to glitch at some point in time when playing the video.


However, they did not share any timeframe on when it will be fixed. When they do, we will let you know so stay tuned for updates.

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Featured image source: Adobe

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