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Released in 2013, Warframe is one of the few free-to-play third-person shooting RPG games available on Steam. Developed and published by Digital Extremes, Warframe puts players in the shoes of Tenno, a race that has awakened after centuries of hibernation.

It is interesting to note that the game missions make use of procedurally generated levels, but some updates also feature open-world areas. The game encourages players to play with friends and has positive reviews on Steam.


Unsurprisingly, the developers frequently update the game with new content in the form of weapons, levels, missions, and cosmetics. But some of these updates break the game with users experiencing bugs and glitches every once in a while.

Nonetheless, Warframe players are reporting that the game is crashing after the recent New War update on Xbox. Many say the game is not loading at all with some experiencing issues downloading the update.

Players say they tried restarting their Xbox that did not make any difference. A bunch of players also report getting stuck at the connecting screen.


Crashing when I try to load
Hi, the title is pretty self-explanitory. I downloaded the New War update on my Xbox Series X, but when I try to load in, it crashes on the title screen. I tried restarting, to no avail. I would appreciate your guys input. Has anybody else had this problem? Thanks.

The War Update will not finish installing
It loads up, “checking for updates” , starts to initialize, then crashes. Dashboard every time. Xbox series x. Anyone else have this issue? Restarting Xbox didn’t work.

Fortunately, Warframe developers have acknowledged the crashing issues and also shared a workaround that seems to be working for many.

Hi Tenno! We’re aware of this issue. Please do the following:
– Highlight Warframe and press the Options button on your controller
– Select Manage Game and add-ons
– Click on Saved Data and delete Reserved Space
– Re-launch Warframe to receive the download properly!

And apart from the crashing issues on Xbox, Warframe players say they are having issues with controller key bindings. The issue seems to have surfaced after the New War update with many complaining that they are unable to ascend.


in the flying part the controls are mapped to LT ascend and LB ascend. well you, probably unintentionally, have my chat on the screen as well. I can’t change the controls because you didnt allow us for what we are flying and you also don’t let us remove alliance/squad chat (or the setting to do it doesn’t work) so it makes the mission impossible.

Basically I’m playing new war, on the Cetus blimp section but my blimp is only descending no matter what I do, I restarted the game but that didn’t help, any advice? On Xbox

Fortunately, once again the developers have acknowledged the issue and shared a workaround that seems to be fixing the bug for many.

Tenno on Console, there is a certain part of the quest that requires you to ‘Ascend’, yet it will not work until you’ve reset your Controller Bindings to Default. Furthermore, we have discovered that the button callouts are wrong after you reset to default. It’s calling out LT as ascend, but you will have to use ‘A’ on Xbox, ‘X’ on PlayStation, and ‘B’ on Switch will make you ascend after you’ve defaulted controls. We are working on a real fix for this, but this is a workaround for now while we get builds ready.

As always, we will be keeping an eye out for more information on the issues and update this article when Warframe developers fix the issues so stay tuned.

Update 1 (December 18)

05:58 pm (IST): Warframe released a small overnight fix for Xbox Series X launch crashing issue. The users now likely won’t experience the issue after installing this update.

If you’re experiencing a launcher crash on Xbox when attempting to download the latest update, please do the following:

– Highlight Warframe and press the Options button on your controller
– Select Manage Game and add-ons
– Click on Saved Data and delete Reserved Space
– Re-launch Warframe to receive the download properly! (Source)

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